Alice: Madness Returns Review by Bomb Jack DK

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23 Jun 2011
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Lewis Carrol's famous tale of the good Alice forming once again the setting for a digital adventure, but we are this time far from the cute Disney film and moving in place around in a bleak and scary universe - freely interpreted by the developers for Spicy Horse. Alice: Madness Returns is a direct sequel to the over 10 year old American McGee's Alice, and if you were one of those who never had tried it first and very beautiful Alice game, do not worry: The original game is apparent free with which Download!

Alice - Who The F. .. Is Alice?
Alice: Madness Returns picks up where its predecessor left off. Alice now lives in an orphanage and is still haunted by dreams of their parents' violent death. The story is told in pictures and sound, small-scenes, long dialogues and so on, and during the game Alice must try to find "memories" that can help her remember things she has forgotten - or repressed. To gain maximum benefit from the story requires that you are proficient in the Alice universe, otherwise it may be a little hard to keep up with the crazy, quirky and sometimes colluding story, but it pays to prick ears for Alice: Madness Returns are narrative point of one of the better games - despite the complexity.

The game, like its predecessor, an action-adventure platformer. Alice can jump (and double jump, which is really cool in platform games) and even float, which works really well in terms of management. Alice can obviously also use weapons that become available as you advance in the game. To begin with, Alice equipped with his Vorpal Sword, and later you get such a 'Duracell bunny ", a pepper pot, a teapot and a hobby horse to fight with. Yes, it is really an imaginative universe, the game takes place in.

There are many different enemies, each requiring a special technique to handle properly. At the lowest level of the game's 4 levels (Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare), you can mostly get by with his Vorpal Sword, but you play on Nightmare, you really think. Weapons can be upgraded by using some of the many teeth as you gather around the lanes, and once you have upgraded the instance Easy, one can use the same, but now upgraded character to play games such as Nightmare, making the slightly more affordable. There are plenty of platform games, but this part is not the most challenging. Of course one can easily come to his hour hop and tissue wrong, but one is allowed to try as many times as you like. Alice can also make smaller, so she can go places, like "Big Alice" does not have access to, and may include "Little Alice" also see invisible bridges, hints, etc. There are plenty of collectibles around, and among other you can by shooting pig snouts with its pepper pot, get access to areas of collectibles, or large amounts of teeth. Sometimes seasoned jump depot with a mini-game, such a successful side-scrolling shooter cave, which is confusingly might well recall the arcade classic Scramble and Super Cobra. Also this works really well and gives a good break from the platform portion. When Alice's health reaches the bottom, you get the opportunity to go into so-called Hysteria mode where Alice becomes invulnerable and strikes his enemies down with ease.

Alice: Madness Returns is a nice long game - 15-20 hours depending on severity. It is only a single player experience, but like the first Alice games, there's not much to come after, once it is completed - unless one intends to prove to themselves - and perhaps others - to Nightware- severity can be perfectly done! In return, you get the original games in price, so there is certainly good value for money.

Graphically, Alice: Madness Returns a gem. The textures and animations may not be as great as in so many other games in the genre, but stylistic game is to turn some of the most impressive seen in a long time. Runway construction is really good, there are lots of interesting details, among sequences - both large and small - are placed perfectly into the process, the choice of color and lighting is interesting and evocative, and there is a great soundtrack and a quality of dialogue helps to enhance the experience considerably. One is repeatedly surprised by how well a crazy design can be!

Alice: Madness Returns is a really good game. Platform part of combat unit generally works fine, although platform portion is not the most challenging. Fight part can sometimes feel a good bit trivial, but there is always a good break, which makes you constantly feel like more. The really high stylistic level contributes significantly to that one is fascinated by Alice's world and the game can recommend to anyone who is happy action-platformer and not afraid of an offbeat attempt in the genre.