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The House Always Wins

Host and win 10 matches with at least 6 players present.

The House Always Wins0
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Boosting solution:

To boost this get 6 players together in a party. Have the player going for the achievement host a deathmatch with respawns turned off.

Once the host has 1 kill have everyone else kill themselves with a grenade to end the round. Do this 9 more times and then get the next player to host their 10 matches and so on until everyone is done.
planting42Hey, that sounds like it would work great. Actually, it did :)
Posted by planting42 on 25 Jun 11 at 06:23
Tez DreddI don't think the host even has to kill anyone, they don't for Three of a Kind etc.
Posted by Tez Dredd on 25 Jan 13 at 01:03