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Luck O' the Draw

Increase your hand to a Straight or above using Player Swap or Deck Swap

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27 Jun 2011
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The ideal hand to aim for here is a flush - you will want to have three suited cards in the community cards and a fourth in your hand (you can cheat to change the suits of community cards if necessary). When you get this setup, simply use Player Swap or Deck Swap to replace the second card in your hand with a card of the suit required for your flush.

I recommend using Deck Swap, which gives you a random card from the deck. It isn't always useful, but it is extremely cheap, so you will get several chances to get the suit you're looking for.

This also works well with an open ended straight hand (ex. 6-7-8-9, where you can swap for a 5 or a 10 to make your straight), but the odds aren't quite as good as trying for a flush.