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Adios George (Human form)

Defeat George Human Boss

Adios George (Human form)0
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27 Jun 2011
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George is a hungry guy with some blades mounted on his arms. To beat him, you need to stun him then shoot him in the head whilst stunned.

Use your Boner to shoot a light barrel when he is near. He will be knocked down. Then change to the Monocussioner and shoot him in the head as fast as you can. After about 3 hits George will grab a goat head and run off. Look for the only illuminated (red) building in the darkness, then ignite the goat to restore the light. Then get George to chase to to a barrel, stun him, shoot him.

He will eventually grab the goat again, repeat a few times then his mask will break and he will be taken by Fleming.

Grab the blue gem to get the Teether, then walk out the door to finish the level.