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Better Off Dead

Get to a streak of 10 in I, Zombie Endless.

Better Off Dead0
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28 Jun 2011 28 Jun 2011
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Difficulty: 7/10
Mode: Single-Player
Time Invested: 1 Hour+
Information: This achievement is heavily based on luck, but requires some level of skill.

The goal is to COMPLETE the 10th level of I, Zombie Endless, thus obtaining a 'streak of 10'. To unlock the "I, Zombie" gametype, I believe you must first complete Adventure Mode and then finish the first 9 levels of I, Zombie.

The general idea is to eat each brain using as few sun points as possible. Reaching level 10 (and completing it) will require a well thought out plan on every level, and quite a bit of luck from the randomly generated levels.

The best approach is to restart the beginning over and over until you feel that the first level's plant placement will leave you entering level 2 with at least 750 sun. I've managed to finish level 1 with 1,150 sun left over, but even then I was only able to make it to level 9.

Since each level is randomly generated, and every level will be different, I'll lay down some cold hard tips.

General Tips:
1. Find a good first level (as mentioned above).

2. Take your time! Planning is very important.

3. Always consider using every zombie in each situation. Sometimes the Disco Zombie (even though he costs 350 sun) will be the most cost effective in any given situation.

4. Practice. Learn the amount of damage each zombie can sustain. This will help you save sun. Where a conehead zombie will reach the brain, why waste a buckethead?

Level Types:
1. Standard Random 1 - This level contains one magnet, one threepeater, one starfruit, one bungeeplant, and several peashooters (frost, repeaters, and split peashooters).

2. Standard Random 2 - This level replaces most of the peashooters with chompers, and adds a walnut, but keeps the rest the same mostly.

3. Scaredy Shroom - Lots of scaredy shrooms, puff shrooms and sunflowers. Take advantage of the fact that the shrooms hide even when a zombie is nearby in another lane. You should be able to complete this level using 5 conehead zombies (one for each lane). This is the best level to get, and unless you're a master strategist, you probably won't beat level 10 without encountering this level along the way.

4. Magnet Flower - Not sure if it's fume shrooms or chompers, eitherway this is another decently easy level. Mostly littered with magnets, there are some sunflowers and like I said either some shroom type or chomper. Another great level.

5. Instant Death - This level is one of the worst to encounter. There are many chompers, potato mines, and squashes. On average I lose about 500 sun completing this level. Two approaches I use are to either sacrefice lots of imps to the mines, chompers, etc, and clean up with coneheads, -OR-, if the situation permits, use a Disco Zombie. His summons can help clear two lanes which may be cheaper than wasting lots of imps.

There are other level types, but these are the main ones that I can remember. The Magnet Flower and Scaredy Shroom levels are quite rare. Playing through roughly 70 levels, I've encountered the Scaredy Shrooms three times and Magnet Flower once.

Specific Tips:
1. Imps can withstand 2 hits from Peas, Spikes, and Fumes. The third hit will behead them. Not sure about kernels, butter, or flaming peas. If a lane has only one spike, an Imp should do the job, unless the spike is in front of the brain.

2. Keep an eye on starfruit, they can ruin your sprinting imp.

3. If a lane looks tough, know that a miner zombie first to clear and then an imp to get the brain costs the same as a football zombie, but is garaunteed to work. (Example: The lane is, from left to right, Kernal Pult, Fume Shroom, Frostpea, Puff Shroom, Sunflower.) This assumes there are no threepeaters or magnets nearby, and no potato mines or split peas on the specific lane.

4. Potato Mines blowup miner zombies. I know this is easy to figure out but I didn't know this until it was too late. Keep it in mind!

5. Two coneheads are nearly as powerful as a football zombie, if they are launched at the same time. This is especially good vs. kernal pult because it only takes a few butters to ruin your football zombie if the lane is packed with shooters. Whereas, if there are two zombies, the likelyhood of them being buttered at the same time are low, even with two kernal pults.

Hopefully some (or all) of these tips will help you to beat level 10! Remember, it's highly luck based and if you run into a great level, don't get cocky. When I earned the achievement, on level 7 I had 2,500 Sun. By the end of level 10, I had 150 sun leftover (due to Instant Death level). Good luck!
LeviAJonesThanks for all the tips! I have been using trial and error to figure out some of this stuff, but it's nice to have a complete guide. I'd add that if you were able to clear a lane with a miner, a disco is better than an imp if it would have taken more than a single football zombie to clear each of the adjacent lanes (assuming there aren't enough threepeaters or stars to kill the disco zombie).
Posted by LeviAJones on 28 Jun 11 at 16:19
LeviAJonesJust barely got this with 0 sunshine to spare.
Posted by LeviAJones on 29 Jun 11 at 00:11
xgameheroYea, that's true about the disco. There are tons of combos, it would take too long to list all the possibilities. Congrats on getting it!
Posted by xgamehero on 29 Jun 11 at 01:07
dc0drThank you for the guide, still having issues getting this. Seems like I always have one bad round. I'll keep trying.
Posted by dc0dr on 11 Jul 11 at 22:54
xPut Name HerexI spent forever trying to get this, and of course the time I finally complete it I have 2500 sun leftover XD
Thanks for the guide. To everyone else, it is possible to be incredibly lucky and get 4 Scaredy Shroom levels on your quest to ten!
Posted by xPut Name Herex on 13 Jul 11 at 13:57
xgameheroNice! I only ran into two Scaredy Shroom levels when I completed level 10.
Posted by xgamehero on 14 Jul 11 at 07:13
YAT0Good guide mate, got mine after hours of restarting... Finally got two shroom levels
Posted by YAT0 on 18 Jul 11 at 17:50
dc0drHad 1950 left over at the end, thank you for the guide. Been trying to get this for about a month now.
Posted by dc0dr on 02 Aug 11 at 01:31
Hexa FoxYeah those "Scaredy Shroom" levels really are the trick to this if you play it right you can gain well over 1000 from it. Also make sure you carefully plan out even this level. You can send a Bucket Head Zombie down the most packed lane and it should take care of it and while he is moving along spawn other Zombies in nearby lanes that the Bucket Head Zombie is scaring down.
Posted by Hexa Fox on 23 Apr 12 at 06:14
rocking23nfI played this around 50 times, today for the first time I got to level 9 and had 100 sunshine left, so I was about to quit out, and I got a scaredy shroom level and beat it.
Posted by rocking23nf on 20 May 14 at 20:38
Anubseth1) Miner zombies won't survive a lane if there's a split peas peashooter in any position that isn't the last one. He can *barely* survive in a lane which have one split peas in last and a spike.

2) Not all first stages contain the same amount of sunflowers. I got stages with 7, 8 and 9 (1 time only) sunflowers. So try to restart the game until you get 8 at least. (I don't know if I wrongly summed the sunflowers, so I can't tell 100% that this is true).

3) An imp can use both a chomper and a squasher: The squasher must be the first in the lane and chomper the second. The imp move so fast that the time squasher needs to prepare and jump into the imp the chomper eats it, wasting the squasher. (Beware for the remain of the lane, for any 2 pea shooters will ruin this).

4) always consider the worst cenario with a kernal pult: I got 7 butters in a row and I got 20 kernels in other. They can easily turn your game into a nightmare.

5) Squashers stomp both ways, so they will smash a miner coming from behind.

6) Fire trunks melts frost peas and makes them a regular one. This is useful in cases where frost and fire trunks are in the last positions of a lane, allowing your zombies to walk it down without being slowed.

7)Frost peashooters in the first place in a lane can be easily avoided by using the athlete zombie, as he can jump over it and avoid being slowed.

8) I don't find useful, almost 99% of the time, the ladder zombie. Whenever he is useful 2 athlete zombies can do better.

9) The skyjump zombie is a bit more useful, but in very specific (hard situations). And the skyjump should always be used in a threepeater, a star fruit, a magnet or a frost pea, as these are the worst enemies that it can remove.

10) Athlete zombies can jump over chompers. So you can turn useless chompers at the beggining of a lane.

11) When a level start I look for:
1- threepeater
2 - star fruit
3 - magnet
The first 2 can easily ruin any run, so I try to get them out of the way. Magnets allow the use of the most expensive zombies. When it appear in the last place in a lane with a bungeeplant nearby be prepared to suffer.

12) Speaking of magnets, their attraction range is 2 lane both up and down. So if it's in the middle lane it will get all the metals in the map.

13) To take most advantage of disco zombie be sure of some things:
1 - Always remove chompers and squashers at the beginning of a lane (with an imp) so that it won't be useless before even starting!
2 - Be sure that threepeaters or star fruits won't ruin your run. If you forget about their presence they can kill the disco zombie and ruin your run.
3 - Always use it in a lane with few peashooters. The more peashooters in a lane, the easier it will be for the zombie dancer in front of the disco to die and for the disco to die too.
4 - Remember, sunflowers gives 7 suns (175 solar power). So always count the amount of suns you get with each sunflower. If the zombie dancer in the adjacent lanes get 5 or 6 suns before being killed, there is no use in sending an imp to get the remaining suns (as you will get, at maximum, even).

14) In a death stage (as OP called them) jumping over the first obstacle with the athlete to be killed 4 times in the next plants (by chompers, squashers and mines) is not worth it. You will spend 300 (4x75) in dead athletes and more 75 to get to the brain, which means wasting 375 (you waste more than a disco zombie for a single lane!).
If you take the first obstacle (the only exception is a wallnut, but it depends on the following plants: play smart) with a cone zombie, and kill it at the 2nd plant, then you will waste 75 for the first 2 plants, plus 150 (3x50) from imps for the next 3 plants and a last one for the brain (50). This will net 275 sunpower.
2 of these lanes (4 killing plants in the last positions) side by side are best cleared with a disco zombie (the exception is 4 chompers).
(I don't know why but in my first games I did this often, probably because I'm jumping one the enemies. So here's a mathematical evidence that it won't work)

15) Take your time: sometimes you have to wait for a zombie to clear one lane so that you can advance another one.

16) But be prepare for quick uses: sometimes the right timing of usage is what makes all the difference.

17) This isn't a game based solely on strategy, luck is quite strong in here, so don't push yourself too hard. OP said that in 70 levels he got 4 special levels; in around 180 I got 2 (and in different runs). So take your time!
Posted by Anubseth on 19 Mar 15 at 22:59
I am L0cutusI'm starting to think these Scaredy Shroom levels are an urban legend. I mean seriously I've gotten to level 10 once, level 9 twice, level 8 twice and somewhere between 4-7 about 15 times and I have not even seen one...
Posted by I am L0cutus on 13 Apr 15 at 04:45