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Time Travel Will Tell

In Shangri-La, acquire the focusing stone.

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28 Jun 2011 29 Jun 2011
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Some of this info is credited to NGT.

4 Players seem to be required.

Stage 1 - Activate the 4 skulls at the quick revive to create an eclipse.

Stage 2 - On either side of the map OUTSIDE there are stepping stones. On the bridge side they are already there, on the opposite side they need to be activated by pressing the button below the statue at the perk machine. One person go on either side and one person stands on a pad, they then step off the pad and tell the player on the opposite side was on it. That player then searches for that symbol, when they find it both players step on the same symbol pads. Repeat for all pads.

Stage 3 - There is a pressure pad in the room that the mine cart takes you too underground. 3 of the players lie on the pressure plate while one person takes the slide down and holds x while looking at the right wall, there is a level that can be pulled but can be tricky to get.

Stage 4 - A crystal will appear at the top of the slide on the top right of the rock face. Use explosives to detach it from the rock then shoot it with the SHRINK RAY, it will shrink then knife it towards the slide, follow it down the slide and then wait for it to go on the blow hole thingy in the corner. Once it is there step on it and the crystal will land on a stand outside.

Stage 5 - There a gas valve that when rotated turns off the gas in the chamber and there are 4 gas leaks along the underground, get a napalm zombie to follow you through each, this sets them alight, then return to the original valve and flip the switch down.

Stage 6 - There is 4 holes in the wall in the tunnel just behind the BIG waterfall, plant a spikemore on the floor facing each hole then switch it to night then get a crawler to go over each claymore, this blocks up the holes then use the button that creates a rush of water.

Stage 7 - There are 12 symbols on the walls around the map these have to all be lit up during Eclipse mode, when this is done look to the grass patch near the mine cart where you cant actually reach and throw an explosive, this sets off a snare trap, when done this activates another crystal.

Stage 8 - There are 4 dials in the mud room, these have to be rotated in to the numbers "16,1,3,4" when done this activates another crystal.

Stage 9 - When you have all the crystals activated, knife the 4 gongs that make a harmonizing tune, then hit the crystal above the mud room with a Pack A Punched Shrink Ray during eclipse mode, this sends a beam towards the meteorite therefore destroying it.

Stage 10 - Approach where the PaP used to be and notice its gone, approach the wall and the people behind it ask you for some dynamite ( THE DYNAMITE CAN BE FOUND ON ONE OF THE CRYSTALS, on the side with the MPL ) , you light up the crystals with the gongs then turn it to night, then the person with a PaP'd Shrink Ray shoots at the crystal with the dynamite attached and another one stand underneath to catch it.
boydo1990the switches actually with skull icons
Posted by boydo1990 on 28 Jun 11 at 20:22
LAFTANobody knows exactly yet.
Posted by LAFTA on 29 Jun 11 at 12:21
z I ScReaMz I zwheres the dynamite at?
Posted by z I ScReaMz I z on 29 Jun 11 at 12:26
oxBURN3RxoI just wanted to say nice job for starters. It sound like you are following the NGTZombies videos and writing it down for everyone, which is a good thing cause i have to keep going back and watching the videos. Good job keep us informed like you have been. Thumbs up from me!
Posted by oxBURN3Rxo on 29 Jun 11 at 15:17
aKa DVI will be on most of the day, done most of the steps so I'm familiar with it, speak english and have a mic. Also got to lvl 18 with 3 people last night holding down the bridge...add me tons of spots open
Posted by aKa DV on 29 Jun 11 at 15:29
vikingbloodlustI guess I'll be getting the rest while I wait for the details to clear up, same as others have said, if you're looking for another good zombies player, hit me up. Haven't played this map yet though lol
Posted by vikingbloodlust on 29 Jun 11 at 15:45
s1nTh23What steps if not all require the Eclipse mode???
Posted by s1nTh23 on 29 Jun 11 at 18:38
s1nTh23I still don't understand why the "chosen" few who have this achievement are being stingy little jerks about sharing how they got it or giving us the legit way to do this. Why exactly have a account if you dislike sharing/helping others?
Posted by s1nTh23 on 29 Jun 11 at 18:43
LAFTAPretty sure they aren't legit mate. The guy couldn't give me a straight answer. He just linked me to a youtube vid of one of the early steps.
Posted by LAFTA on 29 Jun 11 at 18:47
MG Dano296i asked the3of the chaps who got it aout it they all didnt know shit. and one of them got the chivo days b4the maps came out lol
Posted by MG Dano296 on 29 Jun 11 at 18:56
LAFTAThe current solution is bang on. You just pick up the meteorite and the achievement pops. Just seen it. Guy called Sharp on youtube.
Posted by LAFTA on 29 Jun 11 at 19:07
AntonysjHey guys, looking for two more people who want to do the Easter Egg me and a friend are onlin right now. Message me on XBL for an invite :)
Posted by Antonysj on 29 Jun 11 at 19:16
Korvo FettHey guys go to this link they have al the steps Also if you want to try the easter egg in about 3 hours hit me up. Gt: redwings0914
Posted by Korvo Fett on 29 Jun 11 at 19:19
aKa DVI'm on again and have mic msg me to play
Posted by aKa DV on 29 Jun 11 at 19:58
LAFTAThe dynamite part is wrong on this at the moment. We are just doing it now :)
Posted by LAFTA on 29 Jun 11 at 21:51
LUIGI IMPERATOMe an 3 friends just got this achievement legit following this guide so thanks for posting it it is right.
Posted by LUIGI IMPERATO on 29 Jun 11 at 22:03
WHiiTLEYBrumTown you absolute bellend, i didnt have the achievement when i wrote the guide, i basically typed up what NGT were doing in their vids, i only just finished the easter egg
Posted by WHiiTLEY on 29 Jun 11 at 22:11
LAFTAYou have to use the eclipse before every step as well, you didn't mention that.
Posted by LAFTA on 29 Jun 11 at 22:47
s1nTh23i cannot wait until all this BS is taken down and the REAL video with ALL the steps is posted for us all to enjoy.
Posted by s1nTh23 on 29 Jun 11 at 22:57
I COODAPart of this guide is wrong I will not vote on this guide right now but you need to add more to the guide when you can to make it more clear.
Posted by I COODA on 30 Jun 11 at 04:31
BigWorthlessdoes anyone know if all four players get the perks or just if the person picking up the stone does? same question goes for the achievement as well.
Posted by BigWorthless on 30 Jun 11 at 06:01
C4XSPLOSIVESthis guide is not working on step 9 when you get the gongs to harmonize the crystals turn yellow i shot it the 1 on top off the mud pit with the upgraded shrink gun the meteorite did not blow up there must be something you left out explain more detail on that please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by C4XSPLOSIVES on 30 Jun 11 at 06:46
Tripps77man this achievement sucks out loud. does it really need to be this hard? tell 3ark i'll play freaking zombies without all the crazy achievements. they need to stop smoking so much weed when they think this stuff up that being said i still want that 75gs
Posted by Tripps77 on 30 Jun 11 at 07:24
Tripps77also i saw a vid with 15 steps and claiming to have more it looked legit though
Posted by Tripps77 on 30 Jun 11 at 07:27
LUIGI IMPERATOBigworthless only the player who pics up the stone gets all seven perks. I don't understand why everyone is struggling it's really not hard at all the only annoying part of it is resetting the eclipse every time.
Posted by LUIGI IMPERATO on 30 Jun 11 at 08:27
LUIGI IMPERATOC4explosives you need to knife the four gongs that don't immit a high pitched sound and make a standard gong sound you need to do this in quick succession before you shoot it your character will say something when done correctly. Then shoot it with the upgraded shrink gun when it's lit up the shot will reflect off each crystal then shrink the meteor and pack a punch machine.
Posted by LUIGI IMPERATO on 30 Jun 11 at 08:34
BrumtownMangler"some of this info is credited to NGT" should read "I AM ENGAGED IN BLATANT PLAGERISM"
You are the one taking credit for writing down what somebody else took the time to put in a video guide.
"i basically typed up what NGT were doing in their vids" - yes, that is very basic of you.
Furthermore in my comment about Hex editing - i was referring to the people who had the cheevo since the 25th of June - not you. The implication being that they weren't offering help to other gamers because they had no answer to get the cheevo legit.
"and one of them got the chivo days b4the maps came out lol" - and i'm not the only one who noticed.
i'm pretty sure that all this makes you the 'bellend'
Posted by BrumtownMangler on 30 Jun 11 at 14:43
NURSEwithWOUNDdid this last night- worked fine (used NGT videos). This is very time consuming but really not hard. A couple of things are left to chance such as the wonder weapon which needs a PaP and getting a napalm zombie to survive the round. Everything else is basically by recipe and really does not require any skill- just lots of steps. You need to have a committed team without weak links also.
Posted by NURSEwithWOUND on 30 Jun 11 at 21:15
Firstmate FizzIf you don't get the stone yourself do you still get the achievement?
Posted by Firstmate Fizz on 01 Jul 11 at 03:31
TheBlackDragonX@MrMFizzMean, yes
Posted by TheBlackDragonX on 01 Jul 11 at 11:34