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Long Jump

Jump 300 feet.

Long Jump0
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07 Jul 2009 14 Dec 2009
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This one is 100% guaranteed that you get it within the first five tries if you do exactly as shown. Remember, Chamber 16 at the part where you can go into the wall.

*Note: Cheat codes disable the ability to unlock achievements so be sure all cheats are off*
paulie82Excellent. Worked perfectly.
Posted by paulie82 on 10 Jul 09 at 17:42
STZ513Glad I could help
Posted by STZ513 on 10 Jul 09 at 17:59
jaganshihieiyyhWorks. I couldn't get it using the other method, this took me 2 tries.
Posted by jaganshihieiyyh on 11 Jul 09 at 21:17
STZ513Yeah I was surprised by how difficult this actually was. I spent probably a combined total of about an hour trying 3 or 4 other methods. When this worked so well for me I knew I had to share it. Props to the guy who made this video.
Posted by STZ513 on 12 Jul 09 at 02:02
dharmadukeI used this vid to get it.. works great!
Posted by dharmaduke on 23 Jul 09 at 09:02
zigs00The video is good mate, i just think the way you've written it is very condescending and insulting. Just adjust the text imo, and it should be fine
Posted by zigs00 on 17 Aug 09 at 23:31
STZ513I put it the way it was before. I was just annoyed people were posting negative ratings when it is foolproof
Posted by STZ513 on 17 Aug 09 at 23:51
zigs00Well maybe it just didn't work for some people, hence the negatives. Although, I got it first try with this method, so thank you :)
Posted by zigs00 on 19 Aug 09 at 16:18
System of a DomAlso had lot's of trouble with this, until now! Got, with thank's :)
Posted by System of a Dom on 20 Aug 09 at 16:17
DruPhiLsGreat post was really helpful!
Posted by DruPhiLs on 04 Oct 09 at 23:07
Bob Almighty125Note: Cheat codes CAN NOT be on for this achievement to unlock.
Posted by Bob Almighty125 on 14 Dec 09 at 01:26
STZ513Wow I can't believe I forgot that. I'll add it thanks.
Posted by STZ513 on 14 Dec 09 at 01:58
splicegraphGot this first time out, and it didn't even take that long to pop. Where as all the other methods never worked for me.
Posted by splicegraph on 17 Jan 10 at 17:20
ComesBrothersThanks! Nice Video!!!
Posted by ComesBrothers on 19 Jan 10 at 04:30
Broton69Cound't get it working until I held down on the right stick, this seemed to make it a lot smoother.
Posted by Broton69 on 20 Feb 10 at 14:51
FafhrddHe was right, I got it on my second try.

This one was giving me issues and I am SO glad you found this.

Awesome job!
Posted by Fafhrdd on 08 Mar 10 at 04:25
MichiganMike710great video thank you.
Posted by MichiganMike710 on 02 Apr 10 at 14:25
ljp0390I am doing exactly what this video is showing yet I cant get it. Idk what I am doing wrong
Posted by ljp0390 on 01 May 10 at 17:06
ljp0390Nvm i just wasnt doing it long enough awesome guide thank you
Posted by ljp0390 on 01 May 10 at 17:10
FrogishKinThank you so much!
Posted by FrogishKin on 28 Jul 10 at 05:00
MartijnTigurrIt worked great for me
Posted by MartijnTigurr on 20 Jan 11 at 13:40
SpaceDustnice work dude, took a bit of lining up but worked a treat.
Posted by SpaceDust on 17 Apr 11 at 16:21
SILVERsifDURFERCheers, got it first try
Posted by SILVERsifDURFER on 21 Apr 11 at 17:35
XonatronPerfect, got it first try.
Posted by Xonatron on 01 May 11 at 14:37
Sean M NBGot it first try and I had cheats enabled.
Posted by Sean M NB on 16 May 11 at 19:01
Oldhamer 241Cheers mate - first try.

Just thought I'd add that if you're starting a new game Chamber 16 is Chapter 8.
Posted by Oldhamer 241 on 07 Jun 11 at 21:31
Stevio9Great vid, got it 1st attempt!
Posted by Stevio9 on 21 Aug 11 at 01:18
Gods Killer 256Awesome Vid, longest part is just getting to that spot. 1+
Posted by Gods Killer 256 on 10 Mar 12 at 13:50
HiEdStill works great. Got it on my first try after not playing this game in a long time.
Posted by HiEd on 13 Apr 13 at 16:00
x SWISSchris xWorked first try, so thumbs up from me!
Posted by x SWISSchris x on 09 Mar 14 at 00:01
szogyenyi1993Worked for me! Thx buddy!
Posted by szogyenyi1993 on 15 Mar 14 at 15:36
R3V3NGJust a heads up, the video used in the solution is broken as of 4 January 2018
Posted by R3V3NG on 04 Jan 18 at 16:34
Reborn InsanityVideo no longer works. -1
Posted by Reborn Insanity on 05 May 20 at 04:39
TheTank3753"Why would you ressurect a solved thread? I take my job as a moderator on a random tech website no one has ever heard of VERY seriously. Banned and thread locked!"
Posted by TheTank3753 on 04 Oct 20 at 06:17