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Beat Jamie Campbell-Walter and win the FIA GT1 World Championship

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l 2Bad2Fast ll 2Bad2Fast l176,127
30 Jun 2011
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Jamie Cambell Walter (GT1)

this is the 2nd longest event ther is.

ther is 10 race's from 3-5 laps each.

i used the Maserati MC12 $819k to buy

it is very good grip the fastest GT1 CAR.
Hirsute DaveMC12 GT1 gets the vote from me too.

I'll just add that it's probably a good idea to test the car out on some of the tracks in the championship in Quick Races just so you get a feel of how it responds. Tuning can also help out but even without it you should be top three pretty easily.
Posted by Hirsute Dave on 16 Jul 11 at 15:49
shocellistI just did my first race in the GT1 single exhibitions panel, and I took 1st easily (on the first lap and stayed there), mastered 11/12 corners and the racing line (fast cars tend to mess me up on the corners), and beat all the extra goals (clean lap and what not).
Normally there's some tradeoff between speed and handling, but the MC12 has the speed, acceleration, braking, and handling.
Posted by shocellist on 16 Dec 13 at 20:10