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Complete a Career on expert (Band or Solo)

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8 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the achievement requirements.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game modes.Difficulty Specific - These achievements require that the game be played on a certain difficulty level.External Content - These achievements require content outside the game or input devices other than the system default.
01 Jul 2011
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The only gigs required to beat the career are the free gigs. Here is the list of the gigs you need to complete. All others are not needed for the career achievements.

First Page
USA [Phi Psi Kappa]
Sweden [Wilted Orchid]
Poland [Bone Church]
Hong Kong [Pang Tang Bay]

Second Page
Los Angeles [Amoeba Records]
Louisiana [Swamp Shack]
The Pacific [Rock Brigade]
Kentucky [Strutter's Farm]

LA [House of Blues]
England [Will Heilm's Keep]

San Francisco [AT&T Park]
Germany [Ozzfest]

Fifth Page
NY [Times Square]
BigWorthlessSome of these are switched around for bass career so you know.
Posted by BigWorthless on 03 May 12 at 23:27
Markyshizzleyeah i noticed that now, still the same idea though
Posted by Markyshizzle on 04 May 12 at 12:17
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 07 Feb 19 at 00:04