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Come Out and Play

Win five consecutive PvP games initiated by other players

Come Out and Play0
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09 Jul 2009
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You must defend yourself from 5 PvP Attacks (the top row of attacks) in a single round of betting (ie no cards must be turned inbetween).

The only way this will happen is if 5 different people attack you in a single round or if boost with a friend, wait until the last card is drawn then attack the other person 5 times (you have to wait to the end to get enough cheat points).
THaCLeaRNeed help with this one...
Posted by THaCLeaR on 03 Jan 11 at 22:49
Un4given RaiderI need this too and will help anyone else out. Just message me @ Un4given Raider
Posted by Un4given Raider on 02 Jan 12 at 04:14
ArcCscyou can get it from the robot guy on the last tournament....he attacks you 6 times.
Posted by ArcCsc on 28 Jun 12 at 01:38
OzzysShadyDiscoCan anyone confirm what ArcCsc said? If so, you should make that part of the solution!
Posted by OzzysShadyDisco on 13 Apr 13 at 07:58
Hillenmeyer1I can confirm what ArcCsc said. it should be the new solution!!! i got it on the first try.
Posted by Hillenmeyer1 on 16 Feb 14 at 19:49
UnsungGhostI found a muuuuch easier way. Do match 11, which is a 1v1 in the spade circuit against Butch Longbow. Whenever it's time to bid just sit there for a minute and he should attack you. Then bid again. He is much easier than the robot. He should also attack you 6 times because he tries to do x-ray vision. I tried one of the easier 1v1's but the opponent does attack you.
Posted by UnsungGhost on 15 Apr 15 at 17:16