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Are You Cheating?

Score 30 headshots with any weapon in multiplayer games

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Dropkick Hope86Dropkick Hope86523,366
11 Jul 2011
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You can do 4 achievements at the same time

TimeShiftBoy in the BubbleThe Boy in the Bubble achievement in TimeShift worth 99 pointsScore 30 kills while trapped in a Time Grenade

TimeShift…Is On Your SideThe …Is On Your Side achievement in TimeShift worth 81 pointsKill 50 opponents in Time Grenades or Time Fields

TimeShiftBullets Are ExpensiveThe Bullets Are Expensive achievement in TimeShift worth 60 pointsKill 25 opponents with melee attacks in multiplayer games

TimeShiftAre You Cheating?The Are You Cheating? achievement in TimeShift worth 61 pointsScore 30 headshots with any weapon in multiplayer games

Load up a player match with custom presets for instakills and instant respawn.

Put it on Death match with 60 kills and no time limit on Rooftop excess MP1 map.

Throw a time grenade (Hold LB and press X to select time grenade. Its then just LB to throw a time grenade) so you and your boosting partner are inside. Whoever is getting the kills first go for a head shot for the first 30 kills. Then for the following 25 kills get melee kills. Get 5 more kills any way you need to in case of mistakes and that will end the match.

All 4 achievements should pop.

Credit goes to HitHardTactics for help with the solution