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Steal the Sample Champion

Get ranked first 50 times in the Multiplayer Steal the Sample Mode

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10 Jul 2009 10 Jul 2009
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Can be done by yourself.

Create a new map and place all the required items (sample locations and spawn points) in a line like this:

Rs...Rs Rs Rs BlueSample RedSample Bs Bs Bs...Bs

Rs = Red Spawn (8 required)
Bs = Blue Spawn (8 required)

Blue Sample is on the side with Red Spawns and Red Sample is with Blue Spawns.

Make sure the spawn arrows point towards the samples so that when you start the match you just have to hold up on your controller to run into the enemy sample and then your sample finishing the match.

Set the auto timer for 15 seconds and then you just need to hold up on the controller (or use an elastic) and you will automatically win the match in 5 seconds or less.

You can also place walls to funnel you through the samples if you can't line things up perfectly.
MaseJ+1 only took a few minutes to create & worked like a charm. Used this to complete my 300 games as well
Posted by MaseJ on 30 Oct 13 at 08:11