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Flower Child

Surround one piece with six same-color pieces.

Flower Child0
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11 Oct 2008 15 Dec 2008
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To get this achievement you must surround one hexagon piece of any color with 6 other pieces that are all the same color (see achievement pic for an example).

What this does is create a Starflower piece that allows you to rotate the 6 pieces surrounding it without needing to have made a combo for the move to stay.

Anyway, you'll probably get this as you progress through Marathon mode. Just keep your eyes peeled for a group of same-colored pieces.
GibGirlI highly disagree that this is mainly luck. In fact, creating starflowers (and then pearls) is the primary goal of Hexic.

When you start a game, this is what you should immediately look for - the beginnings of creating a starflower. Look what pieces are nearby, and devote your effort to creating that first starflower. Once you have one, then you can start to use it to create more.
Posted by GibGirl on 15 Dec 08 at 19:47
OtisFamilyThanks for the comment. In fact, I don't even remember why I threw in the "luck" portion to the solution. I haven't played the game since, but I do agree that luck is only a small part.
Posted by OtisFamily on 15 Dec 08 at 20:07
StoodBridgeThis is almost guaranteed achieved in the first 30 minutes.
Posted by StoodBridge on 13 Jan 09 at 10:10
prokopthis was luck for me.. i still dont fully understand what the hell is going on. i just turn colours to match others and sometimes like 15 things just blow up and go away. its awesome now but when i actually have to make black pearls or flowers or whatever i have to make, this game will make me lose my mind.
Posted by prokop on 07 Apr 11 at 22:31