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Zombie Genocidest

Kill 53,595 Infected.

Zombie Genocidest0
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11 Jul 2009
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There are two GREAT ways to get this, and a few longer ways. My first suggestion is:

No Mercy Finale: Play on expert, and kill your teammates. Then switch it back to easy and clear the hallway above. Now go back to the saferoom, stand a foot or so away from the door, and melee. You can also use your play and charge kit + a rubberband and work on this overnight.

Second suggestion:

Survival Mode: You can download survival mode free off of the marketplace. For those who don't know what survival mode is a mode where endless zombies attack you. So start up a game with bots and play. Since you are playing with bots, you won't last a long time, so use all your healthpacks and molotovs/pipe bombs early to take out the zombies! You can probably get a few hundred every ten minutes or so. This can also be done with friends online- but if you are going for survival mode time don't use all your equipment right away ;).

Third Suggestion(Mediocre one, the first two were the best):

Play the finales over and over. Each finale only last fifteen minutes or so, usually less, and you can easily net around 100 kills in this time. Just play like you normally would, except die before going in the rescue vehicle. Stay out and fight, so you can net extra kills then restart the levelw ithout going back to the menu. The best levels for this would be Dead Air or No Mercy.
QuarantaneFor your third suggestion I would actually think Death Toll would be better because if you get up on the rock to the right of the house you can easily kill common infected and if someone watches for smokers you could probably last for awhile after the rescue vehicle got there, until 2 and 3 tanks start coming at a time.

As for survival mode, I haven't played it a lot but it is VERY hard and being that you can't last very long (without a good team of course) I don't see getting a lot of kills that way.

And as for the No Mercy finale, I know that way works, but it's so boring. I just played the game until I got it.
Posted by Quarantane on 21 Oct 09 at 04:13
edacious corpseon the third suggestion if you just let yourself die and the computer players make it to the evacuation vehicle the vehicle still leaves without you and you dont get to restart
Posted by edacious corpse on 22 Jan 11 at 16:24