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Sun Tzu

Let your crew do the dirty work.

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16 Jul 2011
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In local co-op, play the Nightclub Chapter. (2 Controller needed)
Then play as Lynch (The Lynch Account gets the Achievement)
Now kill with Kane all the Guards and mad Guys and after you have done this, just walk with you Main Account to the end of the Level :)
You can do this on Apirin difficult,another nice effect of co-op is,you can control what your "teammate" is doing.No Stupid dying.
iquilla79Tried this yesterday. but didn´t worked for me .-(. No Achievement. Killed nobody with Lynch, just had to reanimate Kane once.
Posted by iquilla79 on 28 Jun 12 at 06:59
City CobraYou have done something wrong, it work. Try again.
Posted by City Cobra on 28 Jun 12 at 13:18