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Desmond's Past

Photograph: Kelvin's jump suit Medical cabinet with vaccines Desmond's mural

Desmond's Past0
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16 Jul 2011 02 Mar 2013
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This achievement can be unlocked in Episode 4 (into the hatch)

When you enter the hatch (the swan station) you must photograph 3 items relating to Desmond

1)The Dharma jumpsuit hanging on the clothes rack
2)The medicine cabinet hanging on the wall by the store room
3)The mural painted on the wall by the very back room

It will pop when the third item is photographed

Edit: You can also visit the hatch in Episode 5 so you get a second chance to get this
EMFULZor episode 5 as the walkthrough suggests

I was already done with episode 4 and reading this I thought I missed it until I read further into the walkthrough.
Posted by EMFULZ on 01 Mar 13 at 01:50
keanosmagicI didnt say it was missable.......but ill edit it in......solution is correct so im not sure why you gave it a negative
Posted by keanosmagic on 02 Mar 13 at 23:38
EMFULZI don't know why I gave it a negative either. Seriously. I must have been tired and didn't see the thumbs correctly. :)

I wasn't saying about missing it. I was just going by the walkthrough and I got stuck on a part so I was checking through regular solutions and noticed this. It made me think I missed the achievement because I was already starting episode 5.
Posted by EMFULZ on 03 Mar 13 at 00:10