BioShock (Xbox 360) Review by Neko Pounce

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18 Jul 2011
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Bioshock... Oh, where to start? Well, I'll try and do this review in a normal format, but please excuse me if I drag on, there's so much to be said about this amazing game.

The setting-
You are on a Aeroplane, the year is 1960 and your destined for great things.
The plane goes down, your stuck in the middle of the ocean with nothing to use survive, so you must do what anyone would do, find land and move on.
Pretty much all the game is set in Rapture, a underwater dystopian city.
Your trapped in the little biosphere you entered to reach Rapture ,while you watch another person get honorificly killed by a "Splicer". After this you are contacted on the radio that is with you in the biosphere. Your spoken to by a guy called "Atlus", and at this time there's nothing more you can do then trust this guy, thus begins your chilling venture into Rapture.

The gameplay
At first this would seem like any other first person shooter, and for the most part it is.
Most of the time I would tell you this is a awful thing, but this time I don't think it would work as well any other way. The shooting is solid for what it is, and the weapons are all fairly diffrent so you can kill the splicers in lot's of diffrent ways. You can use your geneticly modified DNA to fire a lightning bolt out of your hand and then hit them with your wrench, or better yet you can send a swam of bee's out from your hand to attack the splicers and then shoot them with the gun of your choice.
Your main objective of the game is to do as Atlus tells you, for reasons not so clear to start with, but it makes more sense as you go.
Another large part of the game is dealing with the little sisters of Rapture. You have 2 choices when you are dealing with these, you can save these little ones from there torture, and get a lower amount of "Adam" (This is the chemical used to change your DNA and plays a big part in the game ) or you can harvest them for the maximum Adam. This is not so easy for anyone with a heart, since the little sisters really are little girls that are being controlled.

There's one mini game that you will be playing a hell of a lot, the hacking mini-game used to hack everything, and this is one thing I didn't enjoy after the first 2 or 3 times. It's a pipe dream mini-game where you have to move the water from one pipe to another by moving the little pipes from place to place. It's easy but It's really not fun after the first few times.
Other then this there's collectable Audio Logs along the way and they all add a little to the games story, but aren't vital to finishing the game.

The story
Most of the non-spoiled story that I can write is already written at the start of this review, and I'm sure you readers don't want the game spoiled. So, the most I can say is that there's many twists and betrayal is involved, in some ways you could say the game is a little lacking on the story, but after finishing the game you'll see that this isn't true.
The game's story is a little crazy at times but in the end it all fits together amazingly well.
There is 3 diffrent ending to the game, only 2 of which are really that diffrent for each other. These ending are caused by 1. Saving ALL the little sisters, 2. Harvesting only 1 of the little sisters and 3. Harvest more then 1 little sister. I've only played with the good ending currently but I can tell you now that it's really heart-warming and nice.

The graphics in this game are... unique, to say the least. It look's a little cartoony, but it soon becomes clear that this is how the entire game is set out and it look's amazing after you get deep into Rapture and realise the style is perfect for the game.

The NPC's and Splicers all look really good and I have no complaints there.

The game isn't all that long if your just playing the story alone, about 6 to 9 hours depending on your difficulty setting. However, if your looking to get every Audio Log and all the gun upgrades, your looking at more like 12 hours. There's no multiplayer and that's a good thing if Bioshock 2's multiplayer is anything to go by.

The voice acting is pretty amazing, and I can't fault it in any way.
The gun sounds and the environment sounds, like the water and the crashing of Raptures walls falling apart, are all really good. Walking round is enjoyable even finishing the game thanks to the how the environment feels.

This game is one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced, if someone was to make a movie about this game it would stand up on the story alone, in my option.
I give this game a 4.5 out of 5. It has so very few flaws and these hardly effect the game overall.
I Highly recommend this game to you, and if you haven't played this game before already then your really missing out!

Thank you for reading my review. I hope to read some feedback from you all.

(This is one of my first review, I posted this over at under the name "NekoNekoPounce" so this is my work. Thank you.)
Neko PounceHa! All ready got one negative, why not explain why if your not going to be a nameless pussy?
Posted by Neko Pounce on 18 Jul 11 at 12:18
FishyOutOfWaterNice review, I also didn't like the hacking mini - game, untill they changed it in Bioshock 2, which was an even worse way of hacking.
Posted by FishyOutOfWater on 18 Jul 11 at 12:23
Neko PounceThanks :) The Bioshock 2 hacking I thought was better if only for the fact it was so much quicker.
Posted by Neko Pounce on 18 Jul 11 at 12:23
Awesom3 JCAwesome review, still need to get this game.
Posted by Awesom3 JC on 18 Jul 11 at 15:11