Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review by Ole Man Logan

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20 Jul 2011 06 Feb 2013
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Let me first start off with this review as, if you liked or enjoyed the last two entries in the series at all prepare to be very disappointed.
CoJ: The Cartel has only 3 things in common with the last too
1. Ben Mccall has the same last name as past characters.
2. The game is called Call of Juarez
3. And finally there is one level that has been in past games (no spoilers here)
That is it for the similarities
Now what it doesn't have is just about everything else. Lets talk about that.

Gameplay: While the gameplay isn't all that bad there are a few things that make it frustrating. CoJ pretty much plays as your standard FPS with some control modifications to feel like its different "Y" is reload and still after playing this game 3 times I couldn't get used to get. But other than that it controlled nice. Couple features in this game that I didn't like was the knock back feature, essentially when a car, grenade, or any other type of explosion hits near you, you get knocked on the ground. I wouldn't be against this if it didn't take your character a good 20 seconds to get up. 90% of the time I died after I got knocked down. There are so many little things that bother me in this game, grenade throwing is way off, friendly AI shooting at walls instead of enemies, Enemy AI just stands out in the open don't make good use of cover all in all the AI must of not graduated from High School yet.
Now before I get to far in this let me just say this game is buggy as hell. Sometimes checkpoints wont load and you can't continue, Random enemies can't be found to eliminate to continue, Key characters can get killed and it doesn't say mission failed so you have to restart checkpoint, game says your leaving mission area even if you are going the right way, random missions fail in the middle of combat, characters talk when the are dead. Ughh I can go on and on and on. I'll just say Ubisoft did not pay enough for getting this game tested thoroughly.

Graphics: Now this game is running off of TechLand's new engine Chrome Engine 5, but this game looks sub par . Textures are bland, environments have no life same character models are used over and over, Lighting is done poorly. It surprises me that this game is even running on the same engine as the game "Dead Island" that game looks amazing and I wonder if the devs at Techland for CoJ just either were being lazy or they didn't have the time to fully make a good looking game.

Sound: The dialogue is what can you say.... a little racist?
Don't know how many times I heard the word "Puta" or "Ese" but from my real life experience with the Mexican Culture is that they don't end every sentence with those two words. But in the life of CoJ:The Cartel that's how they talk. The music in the game isn't too bad it gets you somewhat in the mood to suffer through these 15 levels, but that's about the only good sound in the game weapons don't sound powerful enough and explosions don't seem to really do a whole lot of damage.

Ehh what more do you want me to say.... its there
3 player Co-Op though is about the only way to enjoy this game.

With the story running about 5hrs long and you can play through the story as 3 different characters 5+5+5= 15 hrs so I guess that's one way of making it feel like the game has a lot of replayability in it. But you only need 1 playthrough to realize the CoJ: The Cartel is a flawed rushed cash in on a what was once a good series. Don't know if the failure of this game is on Ubisofts hands or TechLand's. Hopefully this will be a sign to Ubisoft that CoJ does NOT need to be a modern shooter and bring it back to its original roots.
Score: 2.5/10
CrankyBauer24I definitely passed on this game after seeing it previewed
Posted by CrankyBauer24 on 20 Jul 11 at 19:32
Ole Man LoganYea everyone who did a preview on the game said that it should be pushed back with all the flaws the game had. How Ubisoft thought that this game was ready for release beats me. I unfortunately had to suffer through this game 3 times. That was 3 times to many but I got the 1000G for it.
Posted by Ole Man Logan on 20 Jul 11 at 19:43
CrazyFrogHey, this game isn't racist, cabron. If you insult it again, I'm gonna kill you, ese.
Posted by CrazyFrog on 20 Jul 11 at 21:52
Ole Man Loganwhether you say the game is or isn't racist still doesn't cover up the fact that this game is just terrible game.
Posted by Ole Man Logan on 21 Jul 11 at 22:50
ScuzzyBunnyI love how the game is never in Juarez...and I hate to break it to ya, but bangers don't drive H2s all that often. My favorite LOL moment was playing co-op with a friend, when we started a level, walked up to a door, and getting the mission failed due to him dying. No shots fired, no enemies on screen, the game just decided Ben needed to die! Terrible game, and I will be so happy to ship it back to GF. NO DLC PLEASE!!!!!
Posted by ScuzzyBunny on 22 Jul 11 at 21:14
Ole Man LoganHad that happen many times while playing co-op random mission fail loaded checkpoint another random mission fail. The greatest part about this game was pressing the eject button and taking the game out.
Posted by Ole Man Logan on 22 Jul 11 at 21:55
Sir FunkifiedIt doesn't take 20 seconds to get up.
3 seconds max.
Posted by Sir Funkified on 26 Jul 11 at 13:31
Kale Voorbipsit definately is quite a crappy game. As soon as I get the last 3 achievements I need, it will be back to the store to trade in.
Posted by Kale Voorbips on 28 Jul 11 at 14:35
CRAZE KILERIm glad to see I am not the only one the game has glitched on. I thought I was going crazy because I didnt think it was possible for a game to be so flawed
Posted by CRAZE KILER on 29 Jul 11 at 19:58
III JMcH III-1 ubisoft. Nice review
Posted by III JMcH III on 29 Jul 11 at 20:54
Maximus RDGlad the POS only cost me 4 bucks from the Red Box.
Posted by Maximus RD on 31 Jul 11 at 22:36
Wildboy WileyI played the game literally for 30 minutes. After dying literally about 25 times on the first mission due to enemies taking 12+ bullets before they die and cover being incredibly useless, I stomached all I could, and gave up. Good thing I didn't get any achievements. Now I can erase this p.o.s. off my list...
Posted by Wildboy Wiley on 06 Aug 11 at 05:18
GrahamScotsmanMeh it's an easy 1000G. That's enough for me.
Posted by GrahamScotsman on 06 Aug 11 at 23:27
dorkzilla123Actually, I didnt think this game was half bad. Aside from McCall looking like a HHH bum lookalike. It had a few glitches in it, the graphics weren't that great. But the story concept and having each person and their own highs and lows were a plus in my book. Someone mentioned 12+ bullets to kill a guy. If you played Kane & Lynch 2, that game was worse in that aspect. The invincibility cheat does ease the pain and the achievements were a breeze. I give it a 5 for somewhat story originality and pushing the boundaries for story. Worth a rent.
Posted by dorkzilla123 on 09 Aug 11 at 04:49
it wasnt that bad
Posted on 10 Aug 11 at 10:29
AnotherSocietyGood review, game is rubbish!
Posted by AnotherSociety on 11 Aug 11 at 12:32
True MarvellousOnly thing I agree with in your review s that 5+5+5 is 15.

20seconds to get up err no it takes 3 seconds tops.

Enemies glitching out, didnt expetience any of that.

Checkpoint issues again none of that here

Whilst its not a good game its average at best
Posted by True Marvellous on 14 Aug 11 at 22:56
GodSpeed Qci dont know what you guys talking about, this game is not bad at all and i didnt see a single bug or wathever.... it takes 3 sec to get up and like 3 bullets to killl, cmon guys....
Posted by GodSpeed Qc on 30 Aug 11 at 17:28
I TRU RELIG1ONi just brought this hope it aint as bad as your saying!!!
Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON on 02 Sep 11 at 15:37
A review isn't a wall of text, bro.
Posted on 27 Sep 11 at 18:16
I3EAR iN MiNDYou guys are creeping me out here ,i just picked this up but after reading all of this i'm scared to even start it. What to do,what to do ??
Posted by I3EAR iN MiND on 08 Oct 12 at 11:23
raidenhardcoreIt's not that bad, it's a way over the top, violent shooter with lots of bitchin' and motherfuckin' which I think is great and surley is the way lowlife gangsters and dirty cops talk , which is what this game is about.

Some of the loading screens and grahics look rushed, but the fast aggresive gameplay makes up for it, and I bought it for 4 bucks on sale so no complaints for me.
But 3 playthroughs is no easy 1k GS imo.
Posted by raidenhardcore on 07 Sep 13 at 14:54
MAJIN BOOSHGame wasn't that bad, it seemed like it only glitched deaths/checkpoints during co-op but I only played co-op tic get the 4 achievements related to that.
Posted by MAJIN BOOSH on 06 Jul 15 at 14:17
MAJIN BOOSHGame wasn't that bad, it seemed like it only glitched deaths/checkpoints during co-op but I only played co-op tic get the 4 achievements related to that.
Posted by MAJIN BOOSH on 06 Jul 15 at 17:51
Dipstick review
Posted on 12 Oct 15 at 20:38
"the AI must of not graduated from High School yet"
Not only the AI, it seems. compute
Posted by SilentJay76 on 12 May 18 at 10:58