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Your Blueprint is used by a player in the Top 100 on any weekly Freestyle Race Day leaderboard.

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Go to raceday and play portland *far right and to the bottom play it in solo. Use a zonda or some other fast car. Finish raceday now check leaderboards for weekly and fliter to everyone. Now just keep racing till you get in top 100 not hard first try i ended up in place 104 then rank 34. Once you get your rank go back to same race day in solo mode and race 1 race with the same car. achievement will pop.
kingrich06the weekly board is barren. I raced badly 1st race and finished 12th on the board and achievement unlocked.
Posted by kingrich06 on 23 Jan 09 at 08:49
i am dabeAnyone stressing over this achievement here's some tips!

1) You have to do the race day twice, once to get into the top 100 and then once again to unlock the achievement.
2) first time you do the race day you have to break into the top 100 weekly leaderboard. the leaderboard only updates every hour or so. so you have to take a break inbetween the two racedays. I just did the Portland raceday and I had to do all the events (2x 1/2 drag, 2x 1/4 drag & 2x wheelie) I made it into 54th place. The leaderboards are a bit ghey and only show you the top 10 so you kinda have to guess how many points you need to get
3) make sure to selet your blue print when you go for the achievement (right trigger on the car select screen). you don't even need to do any good on this run, just finish one race and it pops up at the results screen.

hope that helps and thanks to NiteJokester for the tips!
Posted by i am dabe on 18 Jun 09 at 23:22
Sashimi X13The solutions above are a great way to get this one. But if you're still having troubles cracking the top 100, the weekly leaderboards reset Sunday night at midnight, Pacific Time.
Posted by Sashimi X13 on 19 Oct 09 at 07:14
Maelstorm95Hasn't unlocked for me:(. I'm ranked 54 right now
Posted by Maelstorm95 on 22 Feb 11 at 23:26
i0nvizMatt: did you use a custom blueprint or one of the bonus cars? you have to use your own car
Posted by i0nviz on 02 Mar 11 at 01:36
Bartinator329Okay, I did just what the guide said last night. I'm 6th on the weekly leader board. I've since played a career race and two race day drags with the same car. No achievement. Help?
Posted by Bartinator329 on 25 Jun 11 at 17:39
AGGY AggressoRworked a treat
Posted by AGGY AggressoR on 20 Feb 12 at 20:37
mast3r 0r0m1sI used bonus cars the first time, than I used my own crappy car afterwards and still got the achievement.
Posted by mast3r 0r0m1s on 20 Mar 12 at 23:37