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Achieve the maximum star rating in all missions and challenges.

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13 Jul 2009 13 Jul 2009
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I've done this before on the Original xbox version im still working on the 360 version but I have some tips that may help

1. Stay alive! Any wasted men makes your stars drop, don't be a hero and make sure your teammates(the AI) stay alive as well.

2. Be accurate! Every shot counts! The better your accuracy the more stars you get. Make sure you only shoot when necessary!

3. Be quick! Most missions have timers to designate when you need to beat it. All Missions have a par time to beat! You will most likely have to repeat missions multiple times to get it. Since the levels are "staged" it doesn't take long to figure out where everything is. Practice knowing the level before you really go for the perfect mission!

4. Dont just go for particular stats. You have to get a perfect mission to attain all stars you cant just go for some in one run then more in another. It all has to be done at once.

5. Keep your multiplier up! This is the most important as score is what gives you the majority of stars! If your multiplier gets up higher your soldier gets stronger and more deadly the better it gets. Just remember don't go crazy with power you gotta remember accuracy!! Dieing also effects your score drastically! If you think you are gonna die, do a hotswap with an AI to keep yourself from losing points.

As for the 3 Star missions (extra missions) Most of them are really simple and only have one objective to pass. Some are racing, Shooting, Point to Point, etc etc. Just Remember learn the map and what you have to do and most likely if you pa attention to the staged actions you can have a perfect in 2 or 3 goes.

I hope this helps as nothing else can really. If you wanna watch youtube videos for missions they are available but most are vague. Just make sure to not go rambo unless necessary! Try to be a medic if possible and you can just auto inject yourself. Auto injecting teammates also really gets you a decent amount of points!

P.S. Even if it keeps you from dieing dont always go snipes when possible! It'll usually screw your AI over.
Tag Im ItAny know-how when it comes to weapon efficiency?

I'm on Catching Flak with 9 stars and i can't get that Expert Rating with Weapon Efficiency....

tell me what you know....

-Tag Im It
Posted by Tag Im It on 10 Mar 10 at 23:29
UK360 COMMANDOI have the same problem, can't find any info on efficiency anywhere, both helicopter missions I have at 9 stars, ain't touched this game in ages as I only have five missions left to max out and can't find tips! Gutted.
Posted by UK360 COMMANDO on 03 Jul 10 at 00:13
FauxcroftWeapon Efficiency = Accuracy + Speed in kills
Posted by Fauxcroft on 03 Jul 10 at 01:16
Dat Boi Treezygood luck to you guys trying 4 this achieve, my stars for the challenges and missions have dissapeared on me TWICE! No way am i starting from scratch for the third time, plus id need a few years practice with the choppers anyway lol
Posted by Dat Boi Treezy on 04 Jul 10 at 21:05
Well I'm on my last three missions and I can tell you guys that being an sniper or an assaulter is the best way to get up that accuracy. I would never suggest to be an LMG guy or an SMG guy if possible. and shotguns are pretty useless as well.
Posted on 13 Jul 10 at 17:14
lidddweapon efficiency does not = accuracy sorry but youre wrong there
Posted by liddd on 01 May 11 at 02:42
sm182I think WE is getting kills with different weapons.
Posted by sm182 on 23 Jul 11 at 22:41