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Do you feel lucky, punk?

Complete the campaign mode on hard difficulty.

Do you feel lucky, punk?0
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Cookie lMonsterCookie lMonster111,571
27 Jul 2011 05 Sep 2011
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You can easily beat the game on hard mode by using the INVINCIBILITY GLITCH as showN in this video.

All you need to do is build up your slo-mo bar in the top left corner, then as soon as you get it to 100% you activate it then restart the checkpoint then you are invincible to enemies bullets.

IMPORTANT::Glitch Must be set back up, at the start of a new level. Also glitch does not work against Helicopters, Rockets, or when in a driving sequence!!!::

ADDITIONALLY: You can use this glitch to obtain the "Tomb Raider" Achievement, just activate the glitch and run through the cemetery like Juggernaut LoL.

Thumbs Up Please If This Helped Guys, and before you thumbs down comment so i can help you if you have any problems, thanks :-)

**Credit to NeedtoAchieve for the video**
pantherkid2564cool thanks for the vid
Posted by pantherkid2564 on 05 Aug 11 at 01:05
I Waste Udo you need to go through campain start to finish or can you replay some on other diffaculties then go back to were you left off on hard mode?
Posted by I Waste U on 16 Aug 11 at 19:12
Cookie lMonsteru can play as eddie and kim on easy if you want and beat the campaign a 3rd time on hard with ben...all you need to do is beat the game once on hard with one person to get the achievement
Posted by Cookie lMonster on 16 Aug 11 at 21:12
Chaos Mythologyif your going to put up a video. DONT HAVE IT PRIVATE...
Posted by Chaos Mythology on 31 Aug 11 at 09:09
Cookie lMonsterwhat are you talking about??
Posted by Cookie lMonster on 31 Aug 11 at 19:27
skepta11the video dont work ?
Posted by skepta11 on 05 Sep 11 at 20:05
Cookie lMonsteroh ok thank you skepta11, there is a new video up now
Posted by Cookie lMonster on 05 Sep 11 at 20:39
Its worth noting that once you have the glitch on that if you activate concentration whilst invincible it removes it
Posted on 29 Sep 11 at 14:37
Rad AntixI played the whole game on hard, and didn't get the achivement. There is also no way of seeing what levels you have done, on what difficulty. The people who made this game are idiots.
Posted by Rad Antix on 12 Oct 11 at 15:07
Rad AntixI did 1 level in co op with the same charachter. Will this effect it cause i really dont want to play this game again.
Posted by Rad Antix on 12 Oct 11 at 15:10
LonesquiffGlitch stays active unless 1) Reactivate concentration mode or 2) Anytime you are in a cover fire sequence. For some reason anytime I was in one of those I would become vulnerable but immediately afterward I was invincible again.
Posted by Lonesquiff on 23 Feb 12 at 21:46
Mr GranstaffDid you select a New Game or select Chapter 1 in the Campaign option?
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 19 Mar 13 at 00:10
Mrsodis this glitch still active? game just had an update
Posted by Mrsod on 13 Sep 13 at 13:12
Travius1990glitch is still available as of today.
Posted by Travius1990 on 20 Oct 13 at 11:28
Jakinator178I can confirm the glitch works in 2020. Playing on Xbox One. Way to take care of your games techland lol. Also, be aware that this did not work for me in sections where you had to go from cover to cover!
Posted by Jakinator178 on 12 Feb at 21:01