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Catherine is a unique release that you usually don't see released outside of Japan. It is an adult adventure, puzzle-platformer, survival horror game. It come from the great publisher/developer Atlus.

Story: Catherine places you in the shoes of a man named Vincent. You start having these horrific nightmares around the time you meet this girl named Catherine. During the day talk to your friends and try to sort out your messy relationships with Katherine and Catherine. During the night you find yourself in these hellish nightmare with these other men who are represented as sheep. Your goal is climb your way to the top and escape the nightmare.

Gameplay Golden Playhouse is the story mode which takes place over 8 days. Day time is spent almost like watching an anime television show where you engage in the story through dialog between friends, Katherine, and Catherine. During the evenings you spent your time at the Stray Sheep, a bar where you converse with people, receive and send text messages, make choices that affect your karma meter which can change the story giving you multiple endings. You can also listen to music on the juke box which has music from other Atlus games and play this arcade game Rapunzel which is a mini game of the story mode gameplay.

During the nights you find yourself in these nightmare dreamworlds where you have to climb your way to the top by solving this block puzzles so you can reach the top so you can survive and live another day. As you climb the blocks under you start you disappear which makes in a race against time. During the levels you can collects pillows which give you more continues or other items that let you change special blocks to normal blocks or add in an extra block wherever you choose. Your main objective is to create stairways that lead you to the top. You are scored on how fast you can make in to the top without stopping to long or back tracking down.

Babel mode is a four stages that are random very time you die or restart them which makes it very difficult because the maps are never the same. In order to win you must reach a specific height. This is 1 or 2 players.

Colosseum mode is a 2 player mode where you simultaneously race another player threw a stage trying to reach the top first.

Graphics & Sound:The game has beautiful anime graphics with cut scenes that look like a television show. The voice acting is great, the characters really come alive. The music is great, erie horror music, up beat anime music, and a jukebox full of music from other Atlus games.

The achievements are spread out from story based ones, from side story related, to beating challenging puzzle. It won't be an easy or quick 1,000.

Take the game for what it is. It is not to be compared to the popular Halo and Call of Duty Games. It is its own unique masterpiece. I would recommend this to any anime, puzzle, horror survival loving gamers out there and I hope gamers of these genres give it a chance!
OfficerBarbradydoes the game get better after the demo? I played the demo and I absolutely hated it.
Posted by OfficerBarbrady on 28 Jul 11 at 04:58
Hey RettoI haven't played the demo what did intail. I would imagine it would because the story sucks you in.
Posted by Hey Retto on 28 Jul 11 at 09:48
Reborn InsanityMeh can't tell if seems fun to me or not. Still good review +1.
Posted by Reborn Insanity on 28 Jul 11 at 10:20
Hey RettoIt does get frustrating here and there tho.
Posted by Hey Retto on 28 Jul 11 at 12:07
CheddahzYou're review is on par with what this game is about +1
Posted by Cheddahz on 28 Jul 11 at 13:09
Hey RettoThank you. I would give it another go. Try renting it if you don't think you should buy it.
Posted by Hey Retto on 28 Jul 11 at 14:09
CrimsonGaidinGood review. Definitely has me interested. Enjoyed the demo.
Posted by CrimsonGaidin on 28 Jul 11 at 14:18
Hey RettoIf you enjoyed the demo I would look into getting the game.
Posted by Hey Retto on 28 Jul 11 at 18:35
BadBoyBungleDreaming about sheep is fine, it's when those dreams become reality that you should start to get worried....
Posted by BadBoyBungle on 04 Aug 11 at 17:20
TinyshadeI absolutely loved this game! BUT.... i absolutely hated the demo when i got to the puzzle part. In the retail game you get some advice and tips on how to move block but the demo dosent show that. So when i got to try the demo i kept dying on the boss part without any clue on how to finish it. So i stopped played the demo with a bad taste of it. But trust me, the game is a blast if you get into it. It only get better and better has you get farther into it. So to anyone not sure... try the retail, most of you wont regret it! By the way great review!
Posted by Tinyshade on 05 Sep 11 at 04:20
Hey RettoThanks man.
Posted by Hey Retto on 05 Sep 11 at 09:52