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TBoGT: Gold Star

Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Gold Star+1.2
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29 Jul 2011
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Departure Time (PAR TIME): Follow the video on this page up until you jump out of the plane. Rather than landing by the car and taking the time to drive there, hold back on the joystick so that Luis' legs lift up and float towards the marker in Monoglobe Park. This eliminates the bothersome traffic at the end and spares you having to drive if you are not very skilled at it. Doing it the way on the video I was only ever able to get between 10:10 and 10:20. Using my method outlined above I got the achievement with a time of 8:49.
ScavettaI tried the method shown in the video taking the car at the end a dozen times but could never get a time under 10:15. The first time I tried riding the parachute directly to the marker I completed it in less than 9 minutes. Great tip, thanks for sharing!
Posted by Scavetta on 16 Aug 11 at 01:16
HiddenPrecisionI got 9:00 using the car method
Posted by HiddenPrecision on 13 Jul 12 at 11:32
Octobot SuperI never thought of taking the car... I thought the game kind of assumed that you would just parachute there. It kind of sets you up for doing so.
Posted by Octobot Super on 28 Aug 12 at 19:48
SterxyNice tip, man!!! Got it on first try doing on your method, saved almost a minute! TY
Posted by Sterxy on 02 Oct 12 at 15:03