BioShock 2 (Xbox 360) Review by Lavindathar

01 Aug 2011
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Protector Trials DLC ONLY Review

I know what you're thinking. Bioshock DLC? No thankyou.

I can understand that. 2k Games have managed to develop two of the greatest titles for the Xbox 360 in Bioshock and it's sequel, but they have always seriously failed with the Bioshock 2 DLC. First there was the Sinclair Solutions Test Pack - 400 points for a few skins and masks that was completely nullified by its followup DLC, the Rapture Metro Pack ; and boy, let's not get started on that. 800msp for 6 maps that are completely unplayable online? An increased level cap that was already given in the previous DLC? If we ran a vote, I'm sure this would come out as the most overpriced piece of DLC ever created for what you get. Because you get nothing.

So, when 2k Games announced TPT, it was met with heavy sighs and arched backs. More DLC. But there was a key difference. A fundamental key difference. A monumental key difference.....It said "single player" in the press release. Single player DLC? It got people waiting with baited breath.

So, Bioshocks 2 first piece of single player hit the marketplace, and the first thing to take note of was the price. Clocking in at only 400 msp, it was bound to get a high majority of the devoted fans interested from the get go, and the amazing thing is, 2k games have gone from the most overpriced piece of DLC in recent times, to quite possibly the best value for money one.

So, the DLC itself. What is a protector trial then I hear you ask? Well, it's a cross between Horde and CTF I guess for Bioshock 2. Remember during the campaign where your little sister was harvesting her corpses for ADAM? Well, this is basically it.

So, you're back again playing as a Big Daddy deep beneath the sea. You are placed one of the 6 locations with a little sister, a corpse, and a selection of weapons, plasmids and tonics that are preset and not elligible to change. The general idea is to place your little sister at the corpse, then defend her from the oncoming masses of Splicers while she attempts to harvest her bounty.

It features 6 all new locations in Bioshock 2, and to give you a sense of scale, each map is roughly a third of the size of the multiplayer maps that shipped with the game. The maps are beautifuly made, much the same as the rest of Rapture. Each map will feature one vending machine, one ammo machine, and possibly health machines and turrets. It then becomes the players decision of whether they risk leaving their sister to make a mad dash for the machines for supplies, or whether they stick it out and chance it.

In total, there are three trials on each map, giving a total of 18 trials. Plus, one bonus trial for each map brings the grand total to 24 trials included with the DLC. Not a bad amount for 400 msp?

The real challenge with TPT, is that you do not choose your weapons, tonics or plasmids. They are already set, so you basically have to make do with what you are given. Some of the combos they present you with are quite interesting, and at the start you'll possibly think that it's not even possible to get through this. I felt this on the one where you are given no weapons with the exception of traps. Let's put it this way, it was interesting. But more importantly, it was actually great fun.

Each trial will last approximately 4-6 minutes, which is great for just pick up and play fans. Not got a lot of time to spare on the game? No problem, instead of jumping on Trials HD for one more attempt at that track, you've now also got time to jump into TPT and give one a fast blast.

If you manage to finish the trial, each one comes with a standard schoolyard ranking, with A+ being the highest. A+ is obtained for obtaining 100% of the ADAM, and the marks then drop depending on how many times your little sister gets hit corresponding to the amount of ADAM she failed to harvest. A differnet amount of stars will be awarded upoin completion of the trials, with a maximum of 36 to obtain.

I only have one concern with this so far, and that is the difficulty. When I first started it, I thought "Boy, this is hard". Yet within a few minutes I was into the swing of things, and then got A+/A on the next 8 trials in a row. If you take the time to explore the level before hand, hack/learn the locations of the vendors, examine your plasmids and should basically know what you're going to do before it starts. And then it's just a case of execution. All the DLC needed, was adjustable difficulty. Find them to easy? Well then let me turn into onto super extreme ninja hard mode. Unfortunately, this isn't present, and we are stuck with just the one difficulty.

Everyone likes achievments, so I'll mention them. All in all, they are fairly easy achievments. 7 new ones for 100g, bringing the total for the game to 1250. Completing all trials recieves most of the achievments, as well as the trickier ones - Obtaining 100% of ADAM on one trial, getting A rank on all trials, and completing all the bonus trials.

Overall, this piece of DLC is great value, and I urge anyone who owns the game to get it bought. 400 msp, for a few hours play. And where as you may drop this, the great thing is, chances are you will go back to it in the future just to pass the time.


* Set in the stunning Rapture
* Easy to jump right in when you're short on time
* Horde (slash) CTF but with Plasmids, Drills and Spear Guns!
* Incredibly cheap at 400msp.

* Once you've got the hang of it, you might find it too easy. There's no adjustable difficulty.

Overall, factoring in the cost, a solid 8/10.