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King of the Jungle

Kong has imposed his supremacy over the inhabitants of the jungle

King of the Jungle0
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SG SteelheadSG Steelhead760,107
07 Aug 2008
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This game is a fairly simple game to complete, even without cheats, but if you are looking to fly through it for the easy 1K, the cheats DO NOT disable achievements.

How to activate:
Pause the game
While holding down both triggers and both shoulder buttons (RT, LT, RB, LB) enter the following = down, Up, Y, X, Down, Down, Y, Y. Once you release, the cheat menu will pop up.

Cheats to enter:
999 Amunition: KK 999 mun
Invincible: 8wonder
Shotgun: KKsh0tgum
Unlimited Spears: lance 1nf
Machine Gun: KKcapone
Revolver: KKtigun
Sniper Rifle: KKsn1per