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Complete 'Charlie Don't Surf' on Veteran difficulty

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04 Aug 2011 02 Feb 2014
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I found the earlier parts of the level to be tough, but not tougher than any other Veteran level. The hardest part is the battle in the news room. The problem is that the enemies will constantly spawn from the far side of the room and you'll never finish it.

What I did was immediately turn 90 degrees to the right when I entered the news room and run straight to that corner, taking cover behind the desk there. I took out the group that was emerging from the spawn room, then threw a flashbang towards it and ran there while the enemies were stunned. Once you enter the spawn room, the enemies stop spawning and my team killed the remaining enemies in a matter of seconds. One enemy did come after me in my hiding place, so just be aware that you are not completely safe. Once the enemies are dead, you just stroll to the end of the level and get your achievement.

tl:dr Enter news room, turn 90 degrees right, run forward to corner, turn 90 degrees left, flashbang, kill, run forward, 90 degrees right.

NOTE: I've been informed that "spawn hallway" might be more accurate than "spawn room". Either way, just get to the place where the enemies are pouring out of.
Octobot SuperYES. This saves so much frustration.
Posted by Octobot Super on 14 Dec 11 at 03:11
SemanticV0idI'm glad I could help.
Posted by SemanticV0id on 14 Dec 11 at 05:11
ITS ALivExDitto was getting extremely frustrated with this part. Read this, and passed on first try.
Posted by ITS ALivEx on 14 Nov 12 at 08:28
dataLoRe86thank you sooooooooooooo much,i died a 100 times before your solution
Posted by dataLoRe86 on 11 Nov 13 at 08:01
smirkdirkAwesome solution. Thanks!

Only thing I would add is that it's more of a spawn hallway rather than a room. Wasn't quite sure I was in the right place at first...
Posted by smirkdirk on 01 Feb 14 at 15:52
boldfoxrdThis is a perfect solution. Thank you.
Posted by boldfoxrd on 25 Aug 14 at 15:52
creeping monteThank the fuck to you. I fought this for HOURS, cruised through first try after reading this
Posted by creeping monte on 07 Sep 17 at 04:50