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Hero 30
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07 Aug 2011
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I've been trying all the video guides that can be found online without much success. They all seem to require lightning-fast reflexes that the somewhat poor controls in this game can't handle and I just end up frustrated, so I modified PaleVoyager's guide from YouTube to be slightly easier to pull off. The hard part of his video was the very first two kills and I found a way around that using a crab. This method is less elegant, you don't get to buy everything and it's not the fastest out there, but it will get you the achievement with little frustration.

Remember to dash through every fight.

01. Move one square up, one square right. Fight 1 jelly, enter first town.
02. Pray in town.
03. Walk straight up from town to a crab enemy, kill it and walk back to town.
04. Heal, pray and buy the Gladius.
05. Walk left, fighting 1 jelly immediately outside of town.
06. Walk left after fighting jelly, fight 1 snake and then dash to second town.
07. Pray, do not heal yet.
08. Exit second town, move 1-3 squares to the right to fight 1 snake and then retreat to town to pray. Heal when needed.
09. After 2-4 snakes killed, you will start killing them in 1 hit. When you do, keep walking right until you run into the second snake, then mad dash left to the second town.
10. Repeat until you have somewhere around 3000 gold and are level 13-15, then go to the second town and pray.
11. If you have around 2500 after praying, dash to the southern town and immediately enter.
12. Buy Hero Sword but don't pray.
13. Leave southern town and kill one beastman.
14. Dash back to town and pray.
15. Head directly left from the southern town and try to encounter two beastmen per attempt, then run back and pray.
16. Once you're around level 17 and have 2000-3000 gold or so, dash north to the fourth and final town. (Note: this may be just 1-2 kills after you reach the second town. You don't have to hang around the southern town for very long.)
17. Heal, pray and buy the armor in the fourth town. (You might need to skip the armor unless you level up in step 18.)
18. From here, you can either go straight to the boss fight or hang around and level up using the tougher monsters available here. (It is probably a good idea to level up once or twice here - I didn't and very barely beat the boss with no time left and almost no HP.)
18. Dash through the boss and win!

PaleVoyager's video is linked as a reference. All credit for it and the basic strategy go to him.
ChuchukoBy far the best strategy for this. Thank you very much.
Posted by Chuchuko on 13 Jan 12 at 07:05
DreamSmasher XSo this mode is just one level?
Posted by DreamSmasher X on 06 Mar 12 at 18:52
DROGTURISTThis guide covers the entire mode, yes.

Thanks Chuchuko!
Posted by DROGTURIST on 31 Mar 12 at 00:33
ThePootermobileGreat guide; just a few things to add:
When fighting the snakes at the 2nd town, only the two spaces immediately to the right of the town will spawn snakes. The third square yields a jelly EVERY time. This means if you walk out and don't hit a snake until 2 squares out, you have to run back to town to pray. If you hit a snake on the first square, you have to move right one square and then LEFT back to the square you just fought on in order to get a 2nd snake. I feel like this is an important point because the jellies don't give enough gold to keep this process up with the rising cost of praying at this point. Also, you hit a monster for every OTHER square you WALK through that isn't a town, so dashing doesn't count as a space towards getting in another fight. This is why you will notice a fight on the 2nd square, run back to town and the next time will be a fight on the 1st square (because the space between the 2nd square and the town is the first square after a fight, so the next non-town square you walk on will be a fight).

Once you get to the last town, grinding is MUCH easier because the newer higher level monsters give enough gold to keep the praying up for a few more times. The greedy time goddess really is the enemy in this level.

Otherwise, great guide!
Posted by ThePootermobile on 05 Apr 12 at 12:29
Teh ParalyzerThis is actually easy. I grinded beeastmen until level 21 and at the castle the crow was gone only the boss remained and it was a over with. Achievement unlocked.
Posted by Teh Paralyzer on 15 Jun 12 at 10:32
LV 1 Blue SlimeFrustrating game mode, but I got it doing this method.
Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 17 Aug 12 at 12:08
Dr SandypantsWow this is punishing. One slip and you're out. Fantastic solution though. I feel far, far more equipped to get the achievement with this!
Posted by Dr Sandypants on 16 Nov 12 at 21:33
Achtisooooo frustrating but stil fun, lol. Thanks this helped alot
Posted by Achti on 11 Feb 14 at 02:07