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Moment of Zen

Get a score over 200 in ZEN.

Moment of Zen0
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10 Aug 2011 31 Mar 2015
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Zen mode is a time based mode in which you have to hit the required score.

There are no bombs, and you will not lose any lives.

The trick to Zen mode is combos. Without combos, 200 fruits do not appear in the required time. Therefore without combo's it is not possible to do.

My favourite tactic was to keep my hands in the middle of the screen. When the fruits pop, a lot of the time you'll get a cluster of fruits lined up. Wait for your moment, then slice from right/left or left/right. Depending on the amount of fruits launched, you can hit some pretty big combos here.

Unfortunately, some of it is luck based, as it depends on how the fruit is launched for you. If your unlucky, you'll only get 3 in a cluster. If you're lucky, you can get 6.
JaybarstokeReally easy and like said above big swipes across the screen will get the combo's coming !
Posted by Jaybarstoke on 20 Aug 11 at 14:31
derf1600glaxxboxx's solution for Storm the Castle also works for this achievement.
Posted by derf1600 on 04 Jan 13 at 17:09
Big Ell*you're ;)
Posted by Big Ell on 31 Mar 15 at 21:32
LavindatharI swear to God Ell!! As soon as I got the PM, I knew you'd be correcting something, and I even knew what word it would be. Lmao.
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