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Score a Super Combo Blitz in ARCADE.

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10 Aug 2011 14 Apr 2013
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A Super Combo Blitz is earnt by hitting multiple combos in a row without hitting other fruits in between.

This can only be earnt in Arcade mode,and the best time is just after activating the Frenzy powerup.

Once that powerup hits, aim to hit as many small combos as you can in a row (hitting smaller combos means there is more fruit left for other combos - Just keep hitting combos in a row until the achievment unlocks.).

This may take quite a few goes, so just keep trying.
unAmusedUmbreonI dunno if this helps at all, but this might be useful.
Posted by unAmusedUmbreon on 30 Dec 11 at 02:05
BeanpotterSo, it looks like you need 12 in a row for the 'Super Combo'. Shouldn't be too hard...
Posted by Beanpotter on 22 Jan 12 at 15:28
Tanelorn82I got it a couple of time already. If you do not aim for a high score, just let single fruits drop and only swing when you have a chance of a combo. Actually, I got a Hyper blitz quite easily.
Posted by Tanelorn82 on 22 Jan 12 at 16:31
elKazaamthis is realy the simplest way to get it. i get on the way during the play in arcade.
Posted by elKazaam on 27 Mar 12 at 16:45
NeverUnluckyYou don't have to specify that the achievement has to be done on ARCADE..The achievement description says it already.
Posted by NeverUnlucky#344 on 13 Apr 13 at 23:31
LavindatharQuite correct! Didnt even notice I'd wrote that.
Posted by Lavindathar on 14 Apr 13 at 00:13
MattiasAndersonLOL I got this one by just starting up arcade and without doing anything at all. It just popped. First i get the dragon fruit imediately and now i get this without even doing anything. Kinda neat!
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 15 Mar 14 at 20:59
xXBlackTarXxYou can do this in 2 player arcade then it unlocks after starting a 1 player arcade.
Posted by xXBlackTarXx on 12 Oct 15 at 03:41