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Score a Super Combo Blitz in ARCADE.

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Nat3r Bat3rNat3r Bat3rThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
11 Aug 2011
14 3 4
I got this achievement while playing party team mode and trying to get the 8X fruit achievement. The achievement didn't pop up until I started up a game of regular arcade, but it did pop up immediately once the game started. It is probably a glitch, but if you are struggling with the achievement this is the way to go. Hope this helps!
RAVIOLICAPONIThank you so much! This worked like a charm. I played 2 player party mode by myself so I would get double the fruit and on my fifth attempt I reached super blitz. After that I quit out to the main menu and started single player arcade and before I could even chop my first fruit achievement unlock.
Posted by RAVIOLICAPONI on 29 Dec 11 at 02:45
FuzzedUpCookieoooo me and a friend got the super combo blitz on team party mode but no unlock!
we were like : y u no unlocking?

i try this tommorow in regular arcade and see if it works ! :)
Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 12 Jan 12 at 02:31
Slam Shot Sam+1, this just worked for me!
Posted by Slam Shot Sam on 31 May 12 at 16:27
xXBlackTarXxIt worked for me. It's not fixed and probably won't be.
Posted by xXBlackTarXx on 12 Oct 15 at 03:42