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Episode 2 (part 1) cleared!

Completed episode 2 (part 1).

Episode 2 (part 1) cleared!0
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Crimson RidleyCrimson Ridley430,302
20 Aug 2011
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This is a walkthrough for Deadly Premonition which details every Trading Card and Side Quest, alongside a detailed guide to all Episodes.

Episode 2 (Part 1) consists of Chapters 8 - 10. Chapter 8 is where you will be doing most of your collecting, and it is in this Chapter that you should make the time to collect all 7 bones scattered across the town and surrounding countryside.
With these 7 bones you will be able to partake in a Side Quest, given to you by Forrest Kaysen. Completing this Side Quest will earn you the .357 Magnum (Infinite). The bones will also open another Side Quest, through Brian the Grave keeper.
Completing his Side Quest will earn you the Wesley Special (Infinite), so it would be within your best interest to pursue these 2 relatively simple distractions.

The only Chapter that involves confrontation is Chapter 10, so this is a very simple, but very enjoyable Chapter.

(Note: Shame on the developers for clearly taking a Chupa Chups lollipop and changing the name!)