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Skeletons in your Closet

Complete waves 1 through 10 on all Flashback Map Pack maps in Horde (any difficulty)

Skeletons in your Closet0
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bobby trippebobby trippe394,404
22 Aug 2011
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Great solutions.

I also found that playing these solo worked. What I did was to have a guest on a second controller. I hid the other character somewhere safe and when I was struck down, I was able to revive or just play through.

Most of the enemies avoid the inactive one anyway and I was able to save a lot of time from restarts.
DR HIGGLESTEINDoes anyone know if anything keeps track of how far you got on what maps? I know i have gotten some of the maps done 1-10 but i dont know which ones. Kinda sucks having to go through all of them again.
Posted by DR HIGGLESTEIN on 28 Aug 11 at 18:23
bobby trippeMaybe. The Gears of War website tracks what maps you have played on. Try logging on with your gamertag.
Posted by bobby trippe on 28 Aug 11 at 20:49