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Arcana Heart 3 Review

The story mode wouldn't be as in depth when comparing it to Blazblue's, each character has a similar one, but there's nothing wrong with that, personally I liked the endings the best, the art style was awesome in these, and they all sorta had some comedy in them.

The Gameplay has 2 modes, a normal mode and a simple mode, the simple mode is there to welcome beginners into the series, while the normal mode is there for the more hardcore gamers, I personally prefer the normal mode in this game, since it allows you to choose different arcana for your character, and gives you a larger variety of moves, while simple mode limits that, you have to use the default arcana, but everything is 1-2 button press, while normal mode you do the usual fighting game terms, eg. quarter circle, dragon punch, half circle, list goes on.

Compared to Blazblue's sprites, the sprites in this are very low res looking, but either way, that doesn't take your enjoyment out of the game, as well as that, during clips in the story, there's a very nice art style displayed, not unlike Blazblue's for instance, although I kinda like it better.
When Arcana comes out too, their sprites look awesome, especially during their attacks, my favorites were the Metal (aka Blue Eyes White Dragon for me) and Mildred's the best.

The sound is nice, its very anime styled, the music off the stages sounds a lot like Blazblue's type too, if you get either the Limited Edition or Fan's Edition of the game, you'll get the entire soundtrack with that.
The voices are all the original Japanese ones, the game doesn't have English dubs, not as far as Im aware of anyways.

I have 37 of 50 achievements, the ones I have remaining are tricky, but who knows, probably sometime later I'll go for them..
I also have online ones remaining which take a long time, something like 50 hours, so the most of this game if you're playing for achievements will be spent online.
There's also very easy achievements, but not many..
Then there's the usual Score Attack and beat Arcade on hardest ones..
This time Score Attack is a lot easier as it allows continues without the need of the second controller trick, and when you get to her, the last boss will normally beat you up, but don't worry, as the more continues you use, the less health she'll have, so it makes it a lot easier than Blazblue's one and if you have beat that one, you should have no problem with this one.
Again, if you can beat Score Attack, beating arcade on hardest shouldn't be a problem, I beat score attack first, then the next day I did arcade on hardest and did it without using a single continue, its a lot easier than Score Attack's, don't be put off by the last boss too, I found it easy enough, lot easier than Score Attack's one.