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Promote your Pawns to every possible major piece

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23 Aug 2011
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There is a quick way to do this, where you only need to promote one pawn, instead of three.

When you get a promotion, just press "Page Up" (Don't know what the button is for a 360 controller) to undo, and then re-promote to a different piece. This can be done for the "God's Beloved" achievement too. When you get the achievement, undo, and then promote to a Queen, Castle, Bishop, or Knight (whichever piece you wanted).
Sir Stratsavvyy do u reference a 360 controller in a PC solution?
Posted by Sir Stratsavvy on 20 Feb 12 at 18:30
DwaggieniteBecause it is a games for windows live game, which is compatible with the xbox 360 controller, which is what I use.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 20 Feb 12 at 19:08
Sir Stratsavvyclutch tip btw thumbs up from me
Posted by Sir Stratsavvy on 24 Feb 12 at 11:23