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Help the Hive Bartender settle a tab.

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In order to triangulate her position, you need to hack 3 relay stations. The 3rd one is really tricky to do without Nuke or Worm software, even for someone like me who has maxed out Hacking: Capture and Hacking: Stealth. My advice is to use all your nukes to get the nodes if you have that many.

If you don't have enough nukes and have a worm software or 2, use one nuke to capture the node directly below the "red column" (which is where the trace starts once you have been detected). Then use nuke software or regular capture to get the target locations on the right hand side of the hacking screen.

If you are detected, you do not have much time before you fail! Quickly use worm software (the hand icon on the action screen when hacking) on the point directly below the red column when it is being "traced". This will stop the trace and give you precious time to finish. If it is not enough, use another worm to stop the timer again. NOTE: You can only use worm software on nodes currently being "traced" and you CAN use them on the origination node of your hack.

After this, follow Sgt Miller's guide and you will finish the side quest with two achievements.