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Call of Duty: Black Ops

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There are 71 Call of Duty: Black Ops achievements (50 without DLC) worth 3,241 (1,700)

287,698 tracked gamers have this game, 10,241 have completed it (3.56%)

Ground Control in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Ground Control32 (10)

In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.

  • Unlocked by 10,186 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 3.24) 40,218  
296,251 (156,261)
Achievement won on 28 Aug 11
TA Score for this game: 3,241
Posted on 29 August 11 at 14:36, Edited on 18 October 11 at 15:39
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The other solutions here are really good.


This will make it MUCH easier to get...

When you stop one of the excavators from breaching, for example "biodome", and the same excavator gets called in again...


You'll still get the achievement as long as the same person does all the hacking. If you stop an excavator one time, it's OK to let it breach the second time.

That way, you'll increase your chances of getting the other two excavators.


P.S. Everyone in the lobby will get the achievement as long as the same person does all the hacking.
Derbear17 I like Turtles.
Posted by Derbear17 on 29 Aug 11 at 16:23
T IR E L O N Wow. A negative vote already? *sigh*
Posted by T IR E L O N on 29 Aug 11 at 16:26
T IR E L O N Thanks for the comment dj.
Posted by T IR E L O N on 30 Aug 11 at 09:32
v SNAKE x worked like a charm very first try best solution in my opinion thx
Posted by v SNAKE x on 30 Aug 11 at 10:46
vikingbloodlust i don't know why you would get a negative vote for this info, it's super helpful. I wish i knew this when i was going for it. i was asking about this in one of the other solutions and no one knew. but yeah, you don't have to worry about the same one going over and over again if you do it this way. man people are morons for down voting this
Posted by vikingbloodlust on 01 Sep 11 at 02:21
T IR E L O N @vikingbloodlust

I know. It's pathetic, but w/e. Probably the other solution voters down vote this one on their second account. Bunch of little kids if you ask me.
Posted by T IR E L O N on 01 Sep 11 at 09:35
Apartment Wolf I know this is probably stupid but does the achievement unlock for the entire group or only the person de-activating the escavators?
Posted by Apartment Wolf on 01 Sep 11 at 19:42
T IR E L O N @Apartment Wolf

It unlocks for everyone.

Not a stupid question btw. :)
Posted by T IR E L O N on 01 Sep 11 at 22:00
Sku11ySn1p3r Something you could add is that when the announcer says an area is going to be destroyed you go onto the teleporter because when you come back from earth your next t o the consoles and time pauses while your on earth. This is good if you want to do it mid level with out making a crawler.
Posted by Sku11ySn1p3r on 10 Sep 11 at 12:28
T IR E L O N @SullySniper

I didn't put that in the solution because you'll need to bring the hacking device with you to the teleporter. It's a bit tricky and get get you killed.
Posted by T IR E L O N on 10 Sep 11 at 12:53
Sku11ySn1p3r Also don't use and explosive weapon, such as the mustang and sally, in the area with the controls or the laboratories as the windows break and become depressurized. This happened to me earlier and I died half way through hacking the last control panel, i don't want that happening to any one else.
Posted by Sku11ySn1p3r on 24 Sep 11 at 14:38
MIL5Y sorry just read the above comment and realised it does unlock for everyone. great solution trelon, thanks a lot!!!
Posted by MIL5Y on 18 Oct 11 at 03:41

No problem! :)

I should really edit my solution to say that everyone in the lobby gets the achievement...
Posted by T IR E L O N on 18 Oct 11 at 15:38
T IR E L O N ^^^
It's completely random. I doubt doing any of that will have any effect.
Posted by T IR E L O N on 27 Oct 11 at 12:12
Glassdeth I think they changed it to where you have to be the one doing the hacking to get the acheivement. because I was in a 10 hour game where only one person done all the hacking and I did not get the acheivement. and I am %100 sure all 3 of the excavators were called several times.
Posted by Glassdeth on 31 Dec 11 at 09:17
T IR E L O N @Glassdeth

I'm not sure if they have, so I wouldn't know if it was changed. :(
Posted by T IR E L O N on 31 Dec 11 at 10:55
HEDELL Could someone help me with this achievement? I'm having the worst luck with this achievement :(
Posted by HEDELL on 01 Apr 12 at 03:28
TheBlackDragonX You do not need the same person to do all the hacking. I got the achievement with my group when I hacked the first two and my friend hacked the last one.
Posted by TheBlackDragonX on 26 Apr 12 at 12:09
MaurickShepherd Well, typical my luck, I hacked all 3 excavators and no achievement. I let one get breached that I already hacked, and I didn't get it. Sorry, a negative must be left. This solution either no longer works, or I have been fucked by Microsoft's awful achievement-unlocking abilites.
Posted by MaurickShepherd on 05 May 12 at 09:33
T IR E L O N @gamerscorhunta

That's sad to hear. Naturally, I can only write a guide based on my own experiences. I doubt that the way to unlock it has changed. Then again, I haven't touched this game since I completed it.
Posted by T IR E L O N on 08 May 12 at 19:44
Exalted Entity @gamerscorhunta

Microsoft has awesome achievement unlocking abilities. Game developers are the ones that suck.

Think about it this way. I give you a housing "lot" to build whatever. You hire a builder to build a house for you. 3 months later the roof falls on your head. It is the builder's fault, not mine. The people giving the lot are Microsoft, the people building the house are the game developers, and the person getting owned is you. Lol.

P.S: Just because a solution failed for you does not mean a negative vote must be left by default. You should instead check and re-check how you may have made a mistake (and do this several times), and put that on a probability scale instead. Then confer with others who got the achievement.
Posted by Exalted Entity on 31 May 12 at 01:34
Exalted Entity This solution worked for me when I was at my friend's house. He got the achievement.

A positive vote must be left by default. Lol.
Posted by Exalted Entity on 31 May 12 at 01:35
ThePaleHorseman If you get this achievement then go buy yourself a f**king lottery ticket. I hate treyarch beyond belief.
Posted by ThePaleHorseman on 01 Oct 12 at 01:30
PJKrock The game during which I was able to unlock this achievement I first had an excavator called in during Round 2. Immediately after turning on the power the female voice called in the excavator.
Posted by PJKrock on 08 Dec 12 at 21:39
spxyu02 I did this solo as I find it easier to keep track of where zombies are trailing me and coming from, and for this achievement, I'm guaranteed to be the same person performing all the hacks.

Letting the excavators breach is a great strategy, however you need to remember which terminal corresponds to which excavator. On my first attempt, I had to let two of the excavators through (after stopping them initially), to get the last one to begin. However, when I got to the spawn room with the terminals, all 3 terminals were lit green (2 excavators down, 1 coming down), I panicked and hacked the wrong one, then got out of my rhythm and decided to restart (round 21 or so).

Before my 2nd attempt I took my time in rounds 1 and 2 and drew a little map of the spawn room and noted which terminal corresponded to which excavator. This way when a round started and I was circling at the bio dome, I could note which excavator the announcement was made for, refer to my map, and confidently know which terminal to hack quickly after using the teleporter to get back to the spawn room near the end of the round. Turns out all 3 excavators came down in order in rounds 8, 12, and 16, but that map still saved me from moments of hesitation when needing to hack the terminals.

Good luck!
Posted by spxyu02 on 06 Feb 13 at 16:17
TheBlackxRanger the terminals are facing the excavators that are on.
Posted by TheBlackxRanger on 31 May 13 at 05:35
x1001x Puppys Just wanted to post that our group of 4 let the biodome breach after we saved it the first time, 2 different people hacked the excavators to prevent them, and we still got the achievement, so I don't think your solution is 100% correct.

On a side note, really pissed that we had our three breaches on rounds 3, 5....and 22 -____-
Posted by x1001x Puppys on 10 Aug 13 at 18:51
Itzz Sh0wt1m3 Also you might want to add it is not handy to let both tunnel 6and 11 breach, you will get trapped in the power room area, unless you travel via earth to the quick revive room.
Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 11 Apr 14 at 14:17
lll DASH lll Just did this solo and I can confirm that this works. I stopped the bio-dome and tunnel 11 excavators. Then 11 started again and I let it breach. Several rounds later tunnel 6 started, I stopped it and the achievement popped.
Posted by lll DASH lll on 08 May 15 at 22:23
DefiantZero Thanks for the tip. It was looking like this achievement was going to take forever trying to hack the same thing over and over.
Posted by DefiantZero on 12 Apr 16 at 19:57
Zerstuca Finally got it solo, I would recommend the Mp5k or Ak74u instead of M16. Once I let the tunnels breach I realized I couldn't get ammo for my pack-a-punched M16 or pack-a-punch a new gun cause I wouldn't be able to get back to the camperdome. So that was stressful.

Round 2 - M16
Round 3 - Power
Round 4 - Tunnel 11 & All doors open
Round 11 - Tunnel 6
Round 16 - Tunnel 11 - Breach Allowed
Round 18 - Tunnel 6 - Breach Allowed
Round 25 - Biodome
Posted by Zerstuca on 28 Jan 17 at 08:41
SYst3M0FAd0Wnzz I got the achievement on wave 26 solo. Perks used were quick revive, juggernaut, staminaup, and mule kick. Over the course of rounds I pack a punched the mp2k, ak47u, and the shotgun by the power. Letting the escalators breach was a good idea because tunnel 6 only repeated twice and I was able to get tunnel 11 activated before the second biodome.
Posted by SYst3M0FAd0Wnzz on 23 Feb at 06:57
sjpsjpsjp So four of us got this today in round 11 after two of us in the group had been trying for about 10 hours overall. A few tips for a fast match.

1. Ensure you turn on the power in round 1. If you don't, restart.
2. If you don't get one Excavator moving by the beginning of round 3, restart.
3. BIG TIP: Don't kill the Zombie Astronaut! We discovered today killing the Zombie Astronaut resets the order in which the Excavators activate, meaning you may have the one of the 3 areas activate again and you may have to work until very late rounds (25+) to try and get the third unique one.

( and reference the caveat about killing the Zombie Astronaut)
Posted by sjpsjpsjp on 13 Apr at 02:21