BioShock (Xbox 360) Review by Murder of Birds

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30 Aug 2011
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This is my first review and I chose to do it on Bioshock because it is one of my favorite 360 games of ALL TIME!

This game has truly earned the title of "classic game"! 5/5. Everything about this game is captivating and awe-inspiring.

The game starts off with you (Jack) in an airplane that goes down over the Atlantic Ocean in 1960. You then enter a lighthouse that turns out to be the entrance to an underwater city known as Rapture. The game quickly becomes a test of survival and the means to adapt and overcome uncertain odds. Alot of cool features such as hacking, upgrading, and ammo crafting make the game interesting and can turn the tide of battle. There's also a complete arsenal at your disposal...from a rusty wrench to a revolver and crossbow. Even your own body will become a weapon as you're forced to genetically modify your DNA giving you the power to cast fire at your fingertips or unleash swarms of hornets from your veins!

The game is centered around a horror-survival genre. There are some jumper moments that had me not wanting to even play at night. (Steam case you don't wanna be scared lol.) The enemies are delusional shadows of their former selves as they become addicted to the mysterious substance of the world known as ADAM! However, the big fish of the game are the Big Daddies...or the giant hunks of diving suit metal. Take one down and you'll feel like a real BADASS! However, the game soon becomes a fun, easy going adventure.

After playing and completing the game on several occasions I must say that this game is a must for gamers (Now that it is also available for the Playstayion 3) and stands as a true classic.

I highly recommend anyone to but this game. Pricing isn't much as the game is 4 years old(Xbox), 3 years old(PS3). I bought mine for $10 used at my local Gamestop after selling it in the past..which was an immature mistake.

As far as achievements go, everything can be obtained on 1 playthrough. They are really straight forward and easily obtained. There is also free DLC content that improves your arsenel as well as other features. It also nets you an eXtra 100G!

Overall: 5/5 a must have for fans of truly magnificent games!

I hope this guide helped people better understand the works of this game.
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