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Intercept 4+ passes in one game (No OTP or co-op)

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31 Aug 2011
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It appears that interceptions have been turned down heavily this year. I spent an entire half playing my usual method of a second controller throwing lob passes and pulling the receiver away, and the defense dropped every single ball whether I went for user catches or let the CPU handle it. But this works.

Go to settings. Under player skill turn interceptions and reaction time up to 100. Turn pass rushing down to 0. This will make it harder to get a sack and take away a chance at an interception.

Under CPU skill, turn pass blocking up to 100. Turn QB accuracy to 33 and WR catching to 0.

Edit your starting CBs, FS and SS to 99 speed, acceleration, awareness, catching, jumping, play recognition, zone coverage, man coverage, spectacular catch and catch in traffic.

Now play a game on rookie and punt the ball away whenever you get it. It's probably overkill, I got 6 interceptions while also going for KR and PR touchdowns and still had to kill clock at the end. But it's a guaranteed winner.
MartyOWorked for me. I had 3 picks inside my own endzone but the other team tackled me immediately every time.
Posted by MartyO on 01 Sep 11 at 00:19
mfbhrtsJust a quick one to say that I got this achievement during the Superstar Mode as a Defensive Tackle (I didn't register any of the intercetions myself either). Even with simming most of the game the achievement still popped up - so with a bit of luck you can even get this achievement (an other interception achivements?) with this method.

Although I'm not saying that it will work everytime!

Positive vote.
Posted by mfbhrts on 03 Sep 11 at 22:48
MinkOneDoes anyone have a pass play to suggest for the two controller method? I just played three games in a row with 5 minute quarters, all DBs LBs and even DEs maxed out on catching, player skills and CPU skills adjusted as advised, and I only caught 1-2 INTs per. My D is always is position, always swarming to the ball, but they just knock it down.

Am I missing something?
Posted by MinkOne on 07 Sep 11 at 22:53
mealtikitwhere do u edit ur players?
Posted by mealtikit on 13 Sep 11 at 22:48
Johnny BroflexI've tried for hours on end using the 2 controller method, against the CPU, stats turned all the way up, everything listed in this guide and the other guides, and I've managed to get 1 interception. 1. All they do is bat down the ball, they never catch it, even with the stats maxed out. Don't know what I'm doing wrong but thinkin this is a shit achievement.
Posted by Johnny Broflex on 27 May 12 at 08:11
Ninja Scroll2 controller method sucks. As the solution writer stated, that shit doesn't work at all. This solution is great. I had to let the other team score to force OT to give me more opportunities for the pick 6 two times chevo. However, I recored 4 INTS in no time. Thanks. Thumbs Up!
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 07 Jul 12 at 19:29