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The Cleaner

Get 30 personal revenge kills in Fragile Alliance.

The Cleaner+0.5
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22 Jul 2009 18 Mar 2011
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This achievement can be hard to get because of the lack of people playing nowdays. An easy way to boost this with a friend is to set the game to 5 rounds and 4 players, find a corner stand in it and have your friend stand close. Drop a grenade at your friends feet and then have your friend kill you before the grenade goes off (2 headshots up close) then just stand still to get revenge killed by your grenade. Respawn as security, kill or help the other mercs to finish the round quick and then repeat. Make sure that when you go for the personal revenge kill that your friend is not already a traitor otherwise it will only count as a traitor kill.
T0xikDubzDerp-de-derp comment:
There's an easy solution for the lack of online players thanks to TA and other copycat achievement tracking gaming community social media aps and websites. Just set up a session and wait for the other gamers who need the achievement to join it. Thats part of the
Posted by T0xikDubz on 07 Oct 12 at 19:43