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Complete Career on the Hard difficulty

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22 Jul 2009
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Always Hard - this one cost me a lot of hours!
This isn't a solution as such, because there isn't an easy way to do it - you have to be good enough. I can say how I got it though, after owning the game for over a year.

As a level of skill, if you can't 5 star all songs on Medium I don't think you're going to succeed at this.
After completing Medium and getting 5 stars on all songs, I elevated to Hard. That orange button was difficult at first, rather than stretching your pinky all the time, learn to move your whole hand. The yellow button has a raised notch on it so you can tell what buttons you're on by feel.
By the time you get to tier 5, go back and retry some of the songs on tier 1 and 2, you'll probably find you can 5 star most of them, or at least get higher scores than you did originally.
Baracuda (tier 2) is one that troubled me for a while - you have to use up/down strumming for the 3 note main riff, and my rhythm sucked.
You'll progress to tier 6, get past those and then find that tier 7 is a whole new world of difficulty. Try the songs, although at this point it may be worth starting a career on Expert. You will probably be able to get through the first 2 tiers at least by now, and playing on expert makes hard seem easier when you go back to it.
When you're just trying to beat the songs, save your star power up for the bits you get stuck on.
Tier 7 songs:
Before I forget - Practice the main riff using hammer-on's where you can, up/down strumming will be necessary on the quick notes, and I found for the chorus holding the chord and moving my whole hand worked far better than trying to change my fingers over.
Stricken - Hammer-on's are definitely necessary for this, there's no penalty for strumming a hammer-on though, so it's worth strumming every few notes in case you miss one. Same thing as above moving your whole hand for the stepping up chords.
3's and 7's - This one held me up for a long time. Up/Down strumming followed by quick chord changes.
Knights of Cydonia - Brilliant song, difficult though. Even if you can't perfect the really fast strumming part you should only miss a few notes so you should be able to stay in the green until the galloping triplets section. Save all of your star power until here, then get good at hammer on's fast! The final section I find is best played with up down strumming, it's really upsetting if you fail here the first time you get past galloping triplets!
Cult of Personality - again with the hammer-on's. Lot's of solo in this, but they're reasonably spaced out for the most part. You'll probably 5 star this before the other songs on tier 7.

Tier 8 songs:
Raining Blood - play it once, get to Mosh 1, and fail miserably. I may have sworn a lot at this song! Move on to the other songs, come back to Raining Blood.
Number of the Beast - up/down strumming is helpful on the intro section, but as the other solution says the odd timing will have to be mastered. The chord sections are great for getting more points and back in the green, on your first go I'd save star power for the solo.
One - The first 700+ notes are well spaced up and at a reasonable speed, so shouldn't cause a problem. Next is the 'drumming' part, up/down strumming is required. Save your star power. Solo A is the fastest solo, if you can do it without missing notes you're better than me, strum regularly to ensure you don't miss too many notes. Activate star power when necessary here. Solo B often gets me as well, they're not hammer-on's so up/down strumming helps. Solo C and D I failed on before because I was still strumming too fast, try and calm down and play what's there. If you manage to get star power again activate immediately to get your rock meter back up again. Don't expect to beat this quickly, it will take several attempts.
Cliffs of Dover - The intro and outro are the fastest parts, the rest of the song is fairly regular. Probably the easiest in Tier 8, but by no means a walk over.

Raining Blood - now you've done all the other songs, it's time to come back to raining blood. Go into practice mode and slow down Mosh 1. Gradually increase the speed as you get better at hitting the notes. Playing more songs on expert may help, but this on Hard is harder than most songs on Expert. You WILL get to the point where you can beat Mosh 1 (even if not every time you play it). Trying to get 5 stars on Baracuda will give you practice on the triple greens. When I was playing if I didn't nail the star power sections before Mosh 1 I'd just restart. After Mosh 1, it gets a bit more repetitive so easier to hit. Try and save star power for the 'Flood' section, although use it if you're failing.

Battle with Lou - Prepare for frustration. You've finally beaten raining blood, and you go into the battle with lou. You've learnt up/down strumming on quick notes in Knights of Cydonia, you've learnt triple note strumming in Raining Blood and baracuda, you can do this! By the time you get to the first 'star power' section you should be well in the green. But don't use your star power! Lou is so good you'll need to hit him with 3 attacks in a row. And yes, that means you have to survive at least 3 of his attacks while you're building them up.
This took me more attempts than Raining Blood. By the time I finally beat him, I had 5 stars on all but 6 Hard songs. I was up to tier 6 on Expert, with 5 stars on at least half of the one's I had played as well. Ultimately playing the song over and over is the best way to get better at it, and you will beat him eventually. Good luck.
XxSxMxOxKxExYXxany tips ive had the game for a while now an im stuck on raining blood an one i cant seem 2 pass them an im getting frustraded
Posted by XxSxMxOxKxExYXx on 20 Oct 09 at 23:13
kevthejediWithout repeating what I put in my solution or being patronising and telling you to practice, I'm not sure what to say. Feel free to add me and when you see me online we can do a couple of play throughs on Pro Face Off, that way you'll be able to get through the whole song(s) and see where the star power is, and I can try and help if I can see where you're going wrong. Raining Blood I only beat every 1 in 4 attempts (ish), so not sure how much help I'll be on that!
Posted by kevthejedi on 21 Oct 09 at 09:57
SaikredI haven't played GH3 for a long time and I'm thinking about renting it to clean up m y achievements a bit. I play Rock Band on expert right up until the last few songs (Visions / Painkiller / GGaHT)...

How tough will this be for me?

PS : Not going to bother with expert unless I can manage hard pretty easily... since the GH games frustrate me in general.
Posted by Saikred on 30 Nov 09 at 16:06
kevthejediI haven't played Rock Band, so it's difficult to say. Considering the trueachievement value of GH3 vs rock band, it looks like GH3 is the harder of the two. At a guess I'd have thought you wouldn't have any trouble on Hard until at least tier 7, get past those fairly quickly, then take a few attempts on Raining Blood and the battle with Lou, but I really have no comparison.
Sorry I can't give you a better response, I guess it's time I got Rock Band!
Posted by kevthejedi on 30 Nov 09 at 19:30
Pedle ZelnipA bit late to comment on this, but in case anyone else reads the post above by Saikred and wonders the same thing: hard in GH3 is arguably harder than expert in RB. I beat hard in RB1 and the only song that gave me any trouble was Flirtin with Disaster. I went through about 3/4's of RB's expert difficulty without really any trouble, yet probably half the songs in GH3 I struggle with *on hard*. To this day I cannot get past One. Raining Blood I barely got through after many many tries..

The big thing is the scroll rate on hard in GH3 is a smidge faster than the scroll rate on expert in RB. Try playing RB with the cheat for making the notes scroll faster, and if you can get used to that, then GH3 should be doable. If not, you're pretty much screwed.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 12 Dec 10 at 00:55
CrewdyyJust like to say... I hate Raining Blood. It is really really annoying me.
Posted by Crewdyy on 05 Jan 11 at 23:31
callumanugreat tips on beating the later tiered songs, helped me quite abit... Raining blood was a complete D*** with me but i did it like 30 mins ago and beat Lou on my first try :). i think Lou is way easier but thats just me though.
Thanks again :D!!!
Posted by callumanu on 21 Mar 11 at 01:15
GuruThaGreatA general tip I would give is to use the Hyper Speed cheat. I personally use Hyper Speed 3 but use whichever one feels the most comfortable. This cheat makes the notes come faster but spaces them out. The rhythm is the exact same as it is without the cheat but it just looks different. The space between the notes can make it easier for you to react to them. Also if you're stuck on a song, go play on expert for a while and then come back to the song you had previously stuggled with on hard. It will likely seem easier and more doable now. I hope these tips will help, though I don't know if they are useful against Lou. I haven't beat him yet on hard.
Posted by GuruThaGreat on 31 Mar 11 at 00:46
GuruThaGreatTo follow up on my first comment, I would not advise using Hyper Speed against Lou. It seemed to make it more difficult. Also, if you are really struggling against Lou (or just don't want to put out the effort to beat him) you can use the glitch described under the achievement for beating the game on expert. Basically, clear you system cache (in case an update patched the glitch), follow the guide for the glitch, Lou fails almost immediately, and now you just have to finish the song which is fairly easy.
Posted by GuruThaGreat on 31 Mar 11 at 03:17
k0pp0I've had this for ages and still can't get past Lou on hard.. Just going to have to learn the song inside out I think
Posted by k0pp0 on 06 Jul 11 at 23:25
kaboblesthanks GuruThaGreat! After many fails, I used the glitch mentioned. you don't even need to clear your cache
Posted by kabobles on 23 May 20 at 13:28