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All Goal attacks must be unlocked and every goal for every race completed.

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03 Sep 2011 03 Sep 2011
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After a few days of going ballistic, I've finally mastered the Ninja.
Like the guides above, wait til you complete the game so you can unlock the races for goal attack.
The races that tend to gave me the biggest headaches were the unordered races. So i tackled them first, then the longest races next.

The easiest way to do all the goal attacks, is to use the Ninja motorbike, and to become very familiar with the weight transfer button. It helps if you have a general idea of the city layout.....

To turn even sharper, or to avoid a costly slide / crash, as you turn, let go of the accelerator, tap handbrake and weight transfer simultaneously into the direction you want to go, then reapply accelerator. If you're still sliding, hit a nitro.

Using this method, I was very confident in my ability to win every time - not counting the damned pedestrians. In fact I just downloaded south central an hour ago, and have only 6 more races to do :)
Capt PoopeyDoing the unordered races first is a good idea, if you have trouble beating these then it's a waste of time doing the other race types. If you're having problems with a particular unordered race, take note of the other racers - sometimes you will see one head off in a different direction to the other two, this may give you a clue on the best route to take to beat the goal.

I decided to beat the unordered and landmark races first as they involve a bit of trial and error planning your route as much as your racing skills. Watch out for your fellow racers trying to take you out head-on during the unordered races too, you'll be half way through a perfect run and the AI will smack straight into you, damaging your bike more than is allowed.

The ordered and circuit races are much more manageable, but you'll still be swearing a lot when traffic gets in your way (or comes at you head-on through a checkpoint, a personal favourite of mine). I'm having success so far just using the handbrake (no weight transfer), if you're coordinated enough to use both I take my hat off to you.

If you have the SC DLC, go and do the GOOOAAALLL! achievement first, those races are easier and good practice for this achievement.
Posted by Capt Poopey on 02 Jun 13 at 21:38