Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review by CRAZE KILER

04 Sep 2011
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The latest entry to the call of juarez franchise changes things up from the past. The first games were set in the old west and this one is in current times. Actually the only thing that is the same is one level and the last name McCall.

First with the good. There are three people you can play with, each with their own unique perspective of the events. Each person also has thier own story, collectables and hidden agendas. The game also unlocks new guns when you level up, which is based on collectables and agends. the game also give you plenty to blow up by ways of vehicles and barrols.

I you like the online for Bound in blood than you will like versus mode, which is cops vs. bandits. Unfortunately there are only 4 maps to play on which dramitcally reduces the replay value.

While I am on the topic for online teh coop is completely broken. You can choose for either private or public but there is a catch. You will never find anyone in a public match, at least I didnt becuase there is no random search. I guess you have to be lucky have a random pick to play the same level with a different person as you. Even playing in a private match, the game will not let you in if you select the same person. Other than the that the game plays fine but it is a headache to play a coop game.

Now back to the single player, there are to many problems to count. First the level loading screens take forever, but they did give news stories to ease the pain of the long loading times. The enemies and random people almost always look the same, for example one level you have to same about 20 girls, the two in the middle of the room look alike with different outfits on.

The driving sections of the game of the game make you feel hopeless, with the exception of level 6. In every other level you are left driving with no protection, vehicles will explode around you and your screen is is always red from being shot at. The only defense you have is to swerve, I only died once while driving in three playthroughs.

The AI is also terrible and sometimes glitchy. There have been countless times I was ahead of the AI just for them to be waiting for me at the next checkpoint, other times it will take several minutes for them to catch up. There has been a few times I had to start a level over becasue the AI never showed up, twice on the hotel level. They also repeat the same few lines over and over again.

This game is also full of racial steriotypes. For example the hispanic cop always calles people homes and collects weed. There is always way to much cursing, so be advised if you have young children around.

The final flaw in this game is based on perspective. There is an easily exploited invincability glitch. This glitch keep you ivincable to everything except explosions, helicopters and cover sequences. This comes in handy for people want to rush through the game but for it to make it through beta shows they rushed the game.

The achievements for this game are easy but will take 15-20 hours for the full 1000. Currently here on TA 17.53% of people have completed it. There is a good variety and it does encourage you to try everything the game has to offer.

At the end of the day I commend them for what they were trying to do. It was risky for them to leave the wild west into current day. It would have worked but this game has way to many bugs that could had been easily fixed. This game is a prime example for why games should not be rushed. I recommend this game for tose who like lots of action and do not mind the bugs listed above. I am going to give this game 2 stars but if the issues were resolved I would give it a higher rating.
TwistedTBNice review Craze, you have a few typos that need correcting but good info overall.
Posted by TwistedTB on 05 Sep 11 at 07:10
CRAZE KILERThanks, I should write it on microsoft word and use spell check next time
Posted by CRAZE KILER on 05 Sep 11 at 11:38