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Get a Multiplayer character to Lvl 40.

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inspired truthinspired truth274,115
07 Sep 2011 13 Sep 2011
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Edited for required XP for levels (I'll continue to update as I learn more...)
Level 31-- 173,640
Level 35 -- 263,200
Level 40 -- 552,400
Level 41 -- 671040 (armor unlocks)

Easily boosted in a private match with friends (the more the better).

Setup a Seize Ground private match, and adjust the game time to unlimited with a win score of 5000. Adjust the armor levels, spawn time, and health recharge to to your liking (as little as possible).

The 'earning' team should head over to the enemy spawn point, so ensure kills are quick and easy.

Then focus on weapon / armor challenges and work on some of the harder MP achievements. (ex. 150 kills with both pistols earns you 10,000 XP)

After about an hour we were able to unlock 'Defender', 'Devastation' (needs to be done in annihilation), 'Down to Earth', along with multiple weapon challenges.

There is no need to finish the match, your XP and earned items will be saved.

I left the match with a total of 27750 XP earned our first time boosting.

Hope this helps...
RhyoliticThe challenges are completable in private matches? What about local split screen?
Posted by Rhyolitic on 07 Sep 11 at 13:36
inspired truthYes, challenges are.completeable in private matches. Haven't tried splitscreen....let me know if that works as well, and I'll update and give credit.
Posted by inspired truth on 07 Sep 11 at 15:59
RhyoliticDoesn't appear that split screen is available. Just tried logging in my second controller as a Guest and wasn't given the option. I don't have a second Gold account available, so I don't know if signing that in would allow for split screen.
Posted by Rhyolitic on 07 Sep 11 at 21:58
Crater BobThis should actually work, I just did a MASSIVE boost with inspired truth that I set up, 5000 cap with no time limit, health turned down and armor set to no recharge, and I jumped like six levels boosting other achievements in that match, I got over 16,000XP, while i.t. got just under 16000 XP, and that was after playing that match for little over an hour.
Posted by Crater Bob on 08 Sep 11 at 05:53
Mike LangloisSo, what exactly is needed to hit level 40?
Posted by Mike Langlois on 09 Sep 11 at 18:58
isaacballsIm stuck at lvl 5 with 1 xp to go to lvl 6 and i do not get any more xp, tried both the multiplayer modes and the co-op modes?

Any suggestions what to do?
Posted by isaacballs on 14 Jan 12 at 12:10
inspired truthYou need to enter the passcode in order to get past level should be on the back of the book that came with the game.
Posted by inspired truth on 14 Jan 12 at 16:46