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Bouncing Betty

Kill a Cyst by catching its Mine and throwing it back

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A cyst are the things that are against surfaces that look like giant pimples (or a butt hole with a turd on deck ready to go). When you shoot it, it launches the turd out which explodes.

Stasis the cyst first, then shoot it, the turd will be launched in slow mo. Grab it with your telekinesis (B while aiming) and throw it back at the cyst (RT while still aiming).

You can also use the statis containers (they are blue and glowing, scattered around the levels). I got this achievement right after the BIG elevator ride (disc 2). There were a bunch of cyst's around with some statis containers on the ground. Launched one at the cyst, which put it into slo-mo AND caused it to launch its payload. Just grabbed it, threw it back, done.