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Score 20 Combo Blitzes in ARCADE with the Star Chart equipped.

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Nat3r Bat3rNat3r Bat3rThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
07 Sep 2011 07 Sep 2011
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The achievement is cumulative, meaning it does not have to be done in one game. When I played single player arcade, the achievement seemed to only count Combo Blitzes (+5) and not anything past it like great, awesome, super, hyper and unbelievable . Not sure why it only counts the first blitz or if my game just glitched, but shouldn't take more than 5-10 games to achieve. Playing multiplayer arcade might make the achievement easier/faster to achieve.
Hampshire VeganConfirmed, cumulative. However doesn't only count the first blitz, if you continue you will get more. The easiest way to SEE this is in single person co-op where you can get incredi-blitz and impossi-blitz. However in arcade this is much harder to get to, meaning that yes 5-10 playthroughs are required as you'll likely only get 3-4 Combo blitzes in the same game.
Posted by Hampshire Vegan on 07 Sep 11 at 17:21
Sambaso what is a blitz? is it when you get a 5 fruit combo or 5 combos in a row?
Posted by Samba on 08 Sep 11 at 06:45
Dynosawconfirmed co-op with 2 people doesn't count, had over 40 combos now.
Posted by Dynosaw on 30 Sep 11 at 19:40
DynosawJust got this in single player, awesome blitz ect did NOT count for me, I got it on my 20th normal blitz.
Posted by Dynosaw on 30 Sep 11 at 19:57