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New York Jets Award

Gain over 100+ yards rushing with 2 RBs in the same game (No OTP or co-op)

New York Jets Award0
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01 Sep 2011 10 Sep 2011
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As an addendum, even though the description says "2 RBs", it seems you can do it with any two players. After getting a 40+ yard end around with Jeremy Maclin I decided to spam that play to 100yds for him, not really knowing about the whole "2 RBs" text. I still got the achievement since I'd already hit with LaSean McCoy.
This also means you can probably get the Michael Vick award at the same time as this one if you have both good RB and good running QB.
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SCrunneeer I had 45 yards rushing for Mark Ingram and 114 for Pierre Thomas yet no achievement. Any help?
Posted by SCrunneeer on 07 Oct 11 at 15:55
CloudMir It's not 100 total; two people have to have 100+ yds each
Posted by CloudMir on 07 Oct 11 at 20:21
PLANET13 Why do they call them running backs? When they obviously run forward.
Posted by PLANET13 on 08 Jul 12 at 21:48
PickAxPete Funnily enough, I got this achievement against the Jests. It was a rout, and I took my starting running back out of the game at halftime, when he had about 90 rushing yards and I was leading 31-0. When his backup had run for a little over 100 yards in the second half, I suddenly remembered this achievement and put the starter back in. I ended up getting the achievement with about one minute left in the game. The starter ran for 109 yards and his backup got 102.
Posted by PickAxPete on 03 Dec 13 at 06:43
Osmo76 I confirm what CloudMir suggested: You can get this cheevo by running 100+ yards with 1 RB and QB. I did it with Eagles (L. McCoy & M. Vick).
Posted by Osmo76 on 25 Dec 13 at 16:37