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Survive any challenge mode for 20 minutes.

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16 Oct 2008
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Do urban challenge and get into a car and hold X. When the Black FBI car comes let go and destroy it. Just keep repeating this process. If your vehicle starts to smoke just jump into another in front of you.
Tm5kI found that if you back up so that you're almost touching the vehicle behind you, the alien will automatically hop backward onto that vehicle when the one he's driving in is destroyed. Quickly press Y to hop in the new ride and start charging your attack again.
Posted by Tm5k on 17 Feb 10 at 06:52
Connolly800Can't imagine why anyone would give this guide a negative vote. Worked flawlessly for me. Thanks.
Posted by Connolly800 on 24 Oct 11 at 13:33
ELBaRTiiThe german description reads: "Survive EVERY challenge mode for 20 minutes".
I never was interested in this one until I read the original description ...
Posted by ELBaRTii on 17 Dec 11 at 23:46
Mental Knight 5Strongly prefer Tm5k's method. Choosing to jump into another vehicle usually got me shot. Letting my vehicle blow up usually landed me safely on the rear vehicle with enough time to get in.
Posted by Mental Knight 5 on 24 Mar 13 at 16:01
SeitzzSolid, guide. Made it very easy.
Posted by Seitzz on 08 Jun 19 at 03:32
Legohead 1977Great guide, difficult to time entering the car, but if you do it as the other player dies you can even accidentally jump out trying to check you are still signed in and the car won't shoot at you.
Posted by Legohead 1977 on 26 Mar at 22:09