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Dead Island (Xbox 360) achievements

Dead Island (Xbox 360)

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There are 58 Dead Island (Xbox 360) achievements (48 without DLC) worth 2,175 (1,250)

183,009 tracked gamers have this game, 12,759 have completed it (6.97%)

One is all I need in Dead Island (Xbox 360)

One is all I need31 (20)

Kill 5 Infected in a row with a single blow.

  • Unlocked by 76,069 tracked gamers (41% - TA Ratio = 1.55) 183,566  
469,787 (288,891)
Achievement won on 14 Sep 11
TA Score for this game: 2,175
Posted on 14 September 11 at 16:11, Edited on 25 October 11 at 12:33
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This is an easy, fool-proof solution even if you have a weak character and/or weak weapon (and absolutely no aim, like myself):

Go to the tunnel on the SW corner of the map.

Inside that tunnel that takes you to Moresby, there's a fire. Some infected will come running at you in flames.

If you got there in a vehicle, just park it inside the tunnel (not too far inside or you will travel to Moresby).

This is the easy part. You DON'T have to do the killing blow. Just kick the zombie once (and once only) and jump on top of you car and let it die. If you got there on foot, just avoid the zombie (after kicking him once) until it dies.

Rinse and repeat four more times.

I call it the "Hit-and-run-like-a-girl" solution.

NOTE: If you run out of zombies just reload your last checkpoint and go to the tunnel to get your missing zombie(s) avoiding confrontation with other zombies on the way.

NOTE 2: As noted by grasn reloaded, it seems that the higher the level, the longer it would take the fire to kill the zombie. So try this solution early in the game if possible.
Vandel Buster Haha. Brilliant.
Posted by Vandel Buster on 15 Sep 11 at 06:44
WonderfulWest sounds so easy lol will have a try of this
Posted by WonderfulWest on 15 Sep 11 at 15:50
Pr1nce0fDarknez Sounds easy going to try it today 1+ for you good sir
Posted by Pr1nce0fDarknez on 16 Sep 11 at 00:42
xenon ghost if you missed this area, you can also do something very similar to this at the end of the game on the roof top, as the infected come running out on fire, if you have a Katana or any sharp weapon you will slice of their heads. I did it last night on the roof top using this method.
Posted by xenon ghost on 20 Sep 11 at 13:06
LV 1 Blue Slime Not sure how you figured that out, but it works nonetheless. Nice O_o
Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 11 Oct 11 at 16:26
mhitt46 I think it glitched on me. Because I joined a level 3's game, I am a level 35 at the moment. Instead of just slashing the infected once, i did it twice. But on the second swing I went through the infected and sliced another infected and got the last 2 kills i needed. Has that ever happened to anyone: hitting the same infected twice and on the second swing also hitting another infected?
Posted by mhitt46 on 11 Oct 11 at 23:44
grasn reloaded dude, im level 38, the zombies also, they take 5 dmg from fire, it would take 15 min that the fire kills them. you need to add that this is no solution for high levels.
Posted by grasn reloaded on 25 Oct 11 at 10:39
LegendaryMarvel I'm assuming this solution would work equally as well for the get 15 kills in a row with the hammer without taking damage.
Posted by LegendaryMarvel on 01 Dec 11 at 14:19
Poprin I appear to be having difficulty with this... am I missing something? Basically when I do it only 4 infected spawn. I've waited ages and no 5th spawn. So then I reload the checkpoint but that then sends me all the way back to the lifeguard station. How do you get all the way back without killing anything?!
Posted by Poprin on 27 Dec 11 at 02:33
Daft Scot I too could only get 4 Infected to spawn. I loaded the checkpoint and RAN all the way back to the tunnel from the lifeguard station. Yes, I am that insane. When I (eventually) got back, another Infected spawned and I was able to get the achievement. Perhaps Techland grew wise to this solution?
Posted by Daft Scot on 04 Feb 12 at 23:11
chanjamluke I kept trying this method, but kept messing up and sometimes they just didn't spawn, ended up getting it during the Hotel chapter, in the pool on a replay. +1 nonetheless.
Posted by chanjamluke on 04 Mar 12 at 21:09
SweetLouDiamond yeah, i only get 4 to spawn for me as well. some weird patched thing perhaps?
Posted by SweetLouDiamond on 05 Mar 12 at 12:57
BonnieTheBigVig As above, I only got 4 to spawn. I didnt reload checkpoint. i got in a car (walking or running will also work) and drove about 50 metres back up the road and got a save icon. straight away return to the spawn point and got the last one.
Posted by BonnieTheBigVig on 31 Mar 12 at 07:36
Beez 808 As BonnieTheBigVig suggested, I also only got 4. I drove up just past the grassy overpass about 75m up the hill, turned around and came back. As soon as I got back #5 spawned.
Great solution. +1!
Posted by Beez 808 on 02 Apr 12 at 05:20
Tammyq8 I just got this few days back and im level 50 ,,, in city of morspy there is a red cross camp fulled with infected zombies jest go there and relese ur fery attack ( make sure that u hit the infected ) and u may need to try it few times i was lucky and got it by luck the first time round :P
Posted by Tammyq8 on 24 Aug 12 at 12:45
beets101 Thank u
Posted by beets101 on 10 Jan 13 at 14:32
PunchingCoder Excellent!
Posted by PunchingCoder on 24 Mar 13 at 14:08
MC0REBE If you do it with a co-op partner, you can kill those infected coming out of the tunnel and fast travel to Lighthouse. If you let your partner drive, those kills will not reset the counter. Might be worth to add this in
Posted by MC0REBE on 19 May 13 at 18:48
Dabigamc I killed 3 on fire, then fucked up . It spawned another 4 but not a 5th. I got my last at the nearby gas station, seem to spawn there.
Posted by Dabigamc on 18 Sep 13 at 19:51
HASANYBODYGOT Only four seemed to come out the fire every time I tried. I got my first at the Petrol Station then moved to the tunnel.
Posted by HASANYBODYGOT on 04 Feb 14 at 00:43
x RAISER x I wasn't getting the fifth zombie to spawn and running up the hill didn't work. So from inside the tunnel turn around and run straight till you reach the water, then run back to the tunnel where it decided to then spawn 4 more for a total of 8. Also standing down the road past the ladder to the power switch and using a bladed weapon, the mere force of them running towards you will decapitate them for an instant kill.
Posted by x RAISER x on 05 Feb 14 at 13:31
neeker75 Genius.
Posted by neeker75 on 11 Feb 14 at 12:43
Lt Davo I got the first four, got in my truck, drove down the road a little ways, drove back, and got the fifth. I had a nice, fully upgraded weapon and got four of them clean, only needing the fire to finish one of them. The nice thing about this solution is that the infected run at you one at a time, with a nice spacing between them. If everything goes right, it only takes five minutes, and that includes the drive to the tunnel.
Posted by Lt Davo on 18 Feb 14 at 01:12
zeno2k Done at 31th level... so very far in the game.
I've not reloaded the checkpoint: just fast travel to another location and then travel back to the tunnel.
I wasn't unable to kill with one shot one of these zombie, but due the fire it died after a second and count me as a single shot...
Posted by zeno2k on 07 Mar 14 at 08:25
got it 1st try,after goin nuts when trying to get it legit.
U should add that u only need to go on to the end of the tunnel and re-enter from the other side if no more burning zombies spawn,instead of reloading. ( did that 3 times)
I was level 44 and burners died real quick after getting kicked ,only the 3 non-burning guys that spawned randomly in between sucked,guess if u try to kill em the counter resets
Posted by FELDGESCHREI on 19 Mar 14 at 23:43
Beam147 thumbs up. 4 spawned, I then went thru the tunnel to the town came back and my 5th one spawned. Thank you
Posted by Beam147 on 26 Jul 15 at 00:17
varkylfus Good stuff. One kick and jumped up on the truck til each one died. Four spawned and then reloaded last checkpoint. Not far to run back. Level 21 at the time.
Posted by varkylfus on 13 Sep 16 at 22:07