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Squeezed In There

Gain an RBI from a bunt

Squeezed In There0
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18 Sep 2011 18 Sep 2011
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In my experience I found that the pitcher will usually tag out the player running for home on a bunt. Once in awhile if your lucky the pitcher will throw to 1st instead. Just make sure you don't have two outs already, or when the pitcher takes out your first base runner your inning is up causing you not to get a score. Also, make sure you quickly tap the LB to force your 3rd base runner to run home. If there is no one on 2nd to force him to run home he will just stay there.
The UndrtakerI tried this over a dozen times and the pitches ALWAYS throws home for the out :-(
Posted by The Undrtaker on 06 Oct 11 at 06:59
rocking23nfI did it first try with a runner on 1st and 3rd, tapped x, didn't even get an out.
Posted by rocking23nf on 13 Sep 13 at 04:57