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While this way is awesome, it does leave you with very little time to make screw ups. There are a couple of things that I would add (adapted from your strategy):

- Have 5 villagers immediately start chopping wood
- Command your Priestess of Ra to empower your Town Center
- Have your Town Center produce 1 more villager, assign this villager to chop wood

- Have your scout go to the bottom of the map
* Control + 1 your Town Center, so you can simply double-tap 1 to get back 'home' (OPTIONAL)
- Keep your scout looking around until you find the goats.
- Capture all goats and send them back to your Town Center, as close to the side of it as you can.
* Keep an eye on your wood supply!
- After you get exactly 200 wood, have 3 of your woodcutters to build the barracks.

- Assign your Priestess of Ra to empower the now building barracks.
- Once your barracks is build, assign the 3 villagers to gather food from the bushes
* (OR) If you have found goats, have these 3 villagers gather food from the goats.
- Assign one of the woodcutters to gather gold instead.
- Start creating spearmen from the barracks, as many as you can. Make sure the barracks is constantly building units.
* You can help monitor this by enabling Training and Tech Process. (ESC > Options >UI Options >Training and Tech Process)

- Kill off one of your spearmen, this will allow you to produce exactly 20 spearmen.
- Once you have exactly 200 wood, task all your woodcutters to gather food instead.
- Once you have acquired exactly 200 gold (20 spearmen, 10 gold each) task your gold miner to gather food.
* Your villager only needs to gather 100 gold, since you had 100 gold to start.
* The easiest way to monitor the gold you have gathered is to hover your mouse overtop of the goldmine, if it is at 2900/3000, you have gathered enough.

- When you have reached 20 spearmen, keep gathering food until you have 150.
- Have every single villager build the Temple of Ra, have your Priestess of Ra help empower the build process.

- Quest complete!
- You should have about 1 minute left on the clock when you get mission complete.
* Don't forget to gather all the chests on the map, there should be two.